Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road at 1.00pm on Monday 26th September 2022


Present: Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Hilda Brownlow, Jean-Daniel Kursner, Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), Phil Stanley-Watts and Elaine Cooper, Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary).


Apologies: Alex McKinstry,  John Soane (Built Environment Officer), Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary). Paul was recovering from a fall so the committee sent their best wishes to him.


  1. The minutes for the meeting held on 25th July 2022 were agreed.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes.
  • Sale of Beach Huts by BCP Council.  The Council have abandoned the plans to sell off the beach huts having had the scheme vetoed by the Govt. A new way of raising finance is now being explored.
  • 50th Anniversary  Key Rings. Ken passed supplies of the key rings that had been issued to members who attended the AGM to Jean, Hilda and JD so they could give them to members in the Westbourne, Boscombe and Southbourne areas.


  1. Built Environment.
  • Cleaner, Greener, Safer Bournemouth.  There remained a big issue of fly-tipping and graffiti in Boscombe and a member had phoned Hilda re especial problems in Churchill Gardens. The local councillors were on the case as was The Echo. John S had a letter published in The Echo in July re the Council’s  need to remain ever active and vigilent to tackle the problem.
  • Town Centre.  The latest revised Fortitudo plans for Fir Vale Road had been submitted to the Council according to The Echo but were still massive and excessively tall. John S would review them. Plans for student accommodation in Hinton Road had been submitted. John S had attended the workshop in August for redevelopment plans at Avenue Rd/Commercial Rd.
  • Boscombe.  Phil had asked a question regarding the neighbourhood plan at the recent Planning Committee as it had been deferred when the last Council meeting was held over.
  • Southbourne:
  1. Still no feedback on the Heritage Board and Blue Plaque ideas as neither J-D or Alex had heard from SHT members.
  2. John S has reviewed the latest plans for 103 Wick Lane and they are improved on the former scheme.
  3. Hundreds of objections have been lodged against the latest Southbourne Cross Road car park flats plans. The previous scheme has been sent to appeal by the developers. JD has been meting with local campaigners.
  4. Cliff House Hotel – The Echo has reported that this attractive Victorian building , currently a hotel, is to be converted to flats due to neighbours complaining about the noise of wedding events.
  • The Woodrisings, 10 Branksome Wood Road – The plans to redevelop this row of townhouses has gone to appeal.
  • 64 Norton Road – New plans for a dwelling here have been submitted so John S would check on them
  1. Heritage and Conservation.
  • Blue Plaque for BB. The plaque has been delivered and is being installed on the site of the studio in Holdenhurst Road. Steve Harris Radio Solent will be hosting an outside broadcast on the morning of 17th October between 8 and 9am. The Mayor will unveil the plaque.
  • Westover Road Aviary. Further paining and  modifications had been undertaken by the Council and the birds were far more visible through the wire screening.
  • Bournemouth Town Hall. The former Bournemouth Town Hall was now restyled BCP Civic Centre. As the historic and landmark building is now the main meeting place for the new BCP Council and is central across the combined conurbation its use and renaming is supported.
  • Alumhurst Rd Hospital. The Echo reports that new plans for additional hospital facilities within the grounds of the listed hospital have been lodged. John S will check on them.
  • Bournemouth Pier. It was still uncertain how much repairs would cost to the landing stages of the Pier to enable larger vessels to berth as the Council had not released the recent engineer’s report. However Ken had been interviewed in the Echo and on Wave 105 radio about it.
  • St Peters Church. The society welcomed the news that works had started on a £178K restoration of the church spire.
  • Savoy Hotel. The Hotel was now open and many positive reports were being received regarding its restoration and improvement.
  • City Region. The Council had confirmed through discussion on the outcome of the Local Plan consultation responses that the use of the “City” term for BCP would be dropped.
  • Local Plan. We would have to wait and see how the very recent Government announcements re promoting growth and lessening planning burdens on developers would impact on the Local Plan and the Council’s housing targets.


  1. See John Soane’s written reports for July 2022
  • 15 Delamere Gardens.  2 Storey extension – improvements suggested.
  • 17 Huntley Road. 1 and 2 storey extension – ok.
  • 26 Foxholes Road. 2 storey extension- refuse.
  • Moose Centre, Malmesbury Park Road. 14 flats – improvements suggested.
  • 126 Shelbourne Road. 2 storey extension – ok.
  • 646 Christchurch Road. Subdivision of shops and flats above – ok.
  • 896 Christchurch Road. 5 flats – refuse.
  • Newbury Steps, Dean Park Cricket Pavilion. Renovations – ok.
  • 96 Barnes Crescent. New bungalow – refuse
  • Guildford Court, 29 Surrey Road. Additional storey to flatblock – refuse
  • Land between 49 and 55 Somerley Road. 2 new houses – refuse.
  • 15 Summers Avenue. 2 new bungalows – ok.
  • 70 Leybourne Avenue. 1 new house – refuse.
  • 30 Kimberley Road. 2 storey extension – improvements suggested.
  • 11 Gervis Place. Use of lower floor area – ok.
  • 10 Castleton Avenue. New bungalow – refuse.


See John Soane’s written reports for August 2022

  • 103 Wick Lane. Enlarge existing house – ok.
  • Southbourne Crossroads former car park. 24 flats – refuse.
  • 8a Wharfdale Road. 46 flats – refuse.
  • 24/26 Studland Road. 4 Storey block of flats – refuse.
  • Marston Hall, 20/22 Florence Road. 27 flats – improvements suggested.


  1. Planning Committee .
  • August 18th – Phil viewed – Savoy Hotel plans approved. 98 Lowther Road flats approved.
  • September 21st – Phil attended – Purbeck Court, Southbourne Overcliff Drive refused. Glenferness Avenue new bridge approved.
  • October meetings on 4th and 20th
  • November on 17th
  • December on 15th


  1.   Communications Timetable.  The Late Summer  newsletter had been written by Ken and enveloped by Sally. JD was delivering the Southbourne members rather than posting. The next Newsleter would be New Year so early January.


  1. Civic Voice.  Bulletins received.


  1. Membership Officer’s Report.
  • Sally – no new members.
  • JD had delivered the new laminated recruitment posters to over 20 shops and libraries in the Southbourne area.
  • JD would provide information to be included in the next version of the membership form (email addresses of new members plus detals of how to pay by BACS as well as cheque.).
  • JD was following up Southbourne community group links but had learnt that Rev Southcombe of Southbourne Forum had recently retired.
  • JD was hand delivering the newsletters and all had been well received but one member had asked for future mailings to be posted.
  • JD was checking through the card and excel versions of the membership list to make sure both tallied and were up to date. Ken and Sally helping with this.
  • JD had expenses for stationery and meetings in Southbourne so these were approved and he would send receipts to the Treasurer.


  1.  Webmaster’s Report.
  • All good and up to date, all enquiries being followed up.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:
  • Current Account. £40,695.96
  • Bank Signatories. J-D and Paul were in process of being added as additional signatories for the BCS cheque account by the Treasurer following decision at the last meeting.
  • Charity Commission. Records of the Trustees had been updated by the Treasurer fllowing the AGM


  1. Caroline Peach Meeting. The on 12th August had been postponed.  Jean, Hilda, Sally, Alex and Phil to attend when new date confirmed. Apologies to Sally and Phil who attended last meeting not hearing that it had been cancelled at short notice.


  • Any Other Business. 
  • 9 Ravine Road. Phil mentioned plans for this address so he and John S would check.
  • Sally congratulated More Buses for stepping in when Yellow Buses collapsed.
  • Succession Planning. Hilda and Elaine said they would be standing down in the New Year and so new active committee members were needed to keep the Society thriving. It was noted that JD’s Membership Project was succeeding in attracting new members but people were still not keen to join the committee (a national trend across all voluntary groups). It was agreed to consider changing the date and time of the committee meeting, holding a new members event and canvassing members for support in the next newsletter.
  • AGM Minutes. Ken would write these up and pass to Sally ready for next years AGM which was likely to be held in April/May.


.Next Meeting


Monday 24th October – 1pm at 18 Sandbourne Road





Ken Mantock

7th October  2022                                                                             Chairman