Land behind 77/79 Alma Road, Winton   Ref.    No.          7-2022-28665

This is an application to demolish an existing block of lock up garages and to build instead a new detached four bedroom detached dwelling on a site connected to 77/79 Alma Road but situated in Bingham Road.  The size of the built footprint of the new property would be compatible with adjacent properties and designed in the style of the surrounding interwar  neighbourhood with front and rear gardens.  The principal elevation would have a two storey bay window and be capped by a distinctive hipped roof.

The Society find the design quite appropriate and a considerable improvement on what now exists. Consequently  since this application fully complies with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society thinks it should be allowed.

20 Washington Avenue,   Ref. No. 7-2022-3355-C

This is an application to build a two storey extension on the S.W corner of an existing semi -detached house.   Apart from a new entrance,  with window above  visible  on the principal elevation, the main change would  be a wider rear façade.  There would be a new six section French window and a new entrance below and a four light vertical window above.

The Society feel the extension is not an exceptional piece of design and  the new built foot print which goes rather near to the boundary fence is somewhat excessive in comparison with those of the neighbouring properties.

Consequently the Society feels that because this application does not reach the level demanded by the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan it should not be allowed.

Twynham Cottage,  Foxholes Road , Southbourne  Ref.    No.   7-2022-2338-J

This is an application   to build a three storey, three bedroom, detached dwelling in place of  the existing structures which in the form of a series of one storey integrated huts, hardly amount to a piece of architecture.       On a triangular site the new  built footprint in the form of an irregular rectangle, would be similar in size to the existing one and the general design would be  a mixture of traditional and modernist elements. A traditional hipped roof would cover modernist, part horizontal fenestration and include an exceptionally large window on the south side.

The Society think the general appearance of the project could be improved if the general spatial relationship between wall,  balconies and windows could be better integrated – especially the large window and balcony  to the south.   Also we feel that the weatherboarding between windows on the east side should be removed.

Under the circumstances the Society think that since this proposal does not fully abide by the townscape policies od the Bournemouth Local Plan. It should be deferred for further discussion and improvement.

113 Richmond Park Road   Ref.  No. 7-2022-24215-B

This is an application to build a small detached dwelling on a severed site and in the vicinity of a late nineteenth century, two storey family house with a symmetrical façade, paired, vertical sash windows and a hipped roof with gable.  The two storey,  new property would be in the modern style with asymmetrical vertical French windows and a pitched roof.

The Society feel that if built the house would appear like an incongruous quasi-vernacular extension to the rear of the existing structure.  So far as we can see the siting and proposed design would be an inappropriate addition to this existing developed site.

Consequently, we have decided that because this proposal does not in any way comply with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

Sandringham House, Exeter Road   Ref. No.  7-2022-1087-T

This is an application to add two additional storeys to the existing southern third of a terrace of shops and flats that was built in the interwar international modernist style.   The two further floors would replicate the existing  modern  horizontal windows in the lower storeys.

In the Society’s opinion the addition of these two extra floors would create a most lopsided appearance to Sandringham House and would seriously degrade the general visual context of the adjacent  historic hotel. Moreover we observe that similar views were very strongly held be the report  of the Urban Design Unit  of the BCP Planning Department.

The Society has therefore concluded that since under no circumstances does this application relate to the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

17 Privet Road Wallisdown  Ref. No.  7-2022-25143-A

This is an application to demolish an existing garage and erect a new two storey, two bedroom house. The probably severed site is quite  narrow and L shaped  the new rectangular  built foot print would take up well over 50% of the site.   The very narrow, house would have a very utilitarian appearance with vertical sash windows and a pitched roof.

The  Society feels that quite apart from the poor quality of the design  such a development which would come far too close to existing boundaries, would amount to overdevelopment.

Consequently we have  decided that since this proposal in no way conforms to the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should not be passed.

54 Elgin Road, Talbot Woods   Ref.    No. 7-2022-3871

This is an application to build  quite a substantial neo-Georgian detached house on a severed site that was originally attached as un developed land to 54 Elgin Road and where the new entrance would be from Glenferness Avenue.  Because of the layout of the new plot, the new building line would needs be placed somewhat nearer the road than that of adjacent properties. The site lies within the Talbot Woods Conservation Area.

The new house would present a symmetrical principal façade  with two pairs of traditional  sash windows placed either side of a central porch and a prominent hipped roof with dormer above.  The rear elevation would be more asymmetrical,

The Society agrees with the 14 expressions of local opinion that bearing in mind the restrictive covenants of Talbot Woods which laid down that a considerable proportion of the spacious grounds surrounding each house was to be devoted to ornamental pleasure grounds, that here is an instance of an oversized house being built upon an undersized plot.  And that the new building would destroy a considerable amount of mature landscape and instead present to view a massive brick block;  the opposite of what should be allowed within an important  conservation area.

Therefore the Society earnestly request the Planning Department to preserve as far as possible the unique spatial qualities of Talbot Woods and thus continue to refuse development permission for this site.

Thus we have decided that under the circumstances, because this proposals does not abide by the conservation policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

122 Sea Road, Boscombe    Ref.    No. 7-2022-4194-N

This is an application to construct an additional floor on an existing mid twentieth century block of flats to create five additional apartments.  The existing property is designed in a very modernist way in a rectangular shape, a flat roof and asymmetrical fenestration in the form of French and other smaller modern windows.  The new extension would be in the shape of a contemporary mansard roof with extended dormers.

Irrespective of legitimate  local fears that the new extension would block natural light to neighbours and create extra noise and social tensions, the Society feels that the new storey would considerable improve the general appearance of what has always been a very unexceptional building.  We would suggest that  meetings be arranged between the developers and the flat residents in order to discuss how the conflicting aims of aesthetic enhancement and the establishment of social peace can be  resolved.

Therefore the Society feels that since full compliance with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan are not resolved, further discussion on the matter should be deferred for improvement.

Land behind Cambridge Road    Ref.  No.  7-2-22- 8933-E

Permission is being sought to construct a small two bed bungalow on a site originally associated with that of a fairly large late nineteenth century mansion in Queen’s Road. It is believed that the site is in the West Cliff Conservation area. The structure, of no exceptional architectural value, would have quite large vertical windows in single or double sized.   The Society strongly feels that that this site is simply far too small to take any separate dwelling.     Consequently on account of the fact that this proposal in no way relates to the conservation policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we recommend it be refused.

Rear of Haviland Road    Ref.  No.  7-2022-13805-O

This is an application to build a new two storey block of four flats upon a new severed site that was the rear section of a site that was developed as a detached two storey house when the area was laid out in the late nineteenth century.  The new built rectangular  footprint would take up well over 65% of the new plot with an entrance through the associated property and with building lines very close to the boundary walls.  The structure would be traditionally designed in the form of a detached, Victorian family residence. With a distinctive hipped roof and modern sash windows.  The principal narrow elevation would have arched windows on the ground floor and a central two storey, polygonal bay window.

The Society is certain that this development would amount to excessive over development on this site.  We ask the planning department not to be fooled by the very traditional design of this application which, more than likely is a disguise to try and obtain permission for unsuitable construction on this plot.

It therefore follows that since we think that what is proposed in no way complies witht the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

21 High Trees Avenue, Strouden Park.    Ref.  No.  7-2022-21210_B

This is an application to demolish the existing property on a triangular site and to erect  two, three storey double rectangular semi detached, flat blocks at the rear of the site and a separate two bedroom bungalow  further away at the apex of the site.   The flat blocks would be in modernised Arts and Crafts style with an undulating  principal façade with two storey bay windows, a prominent  hipped roof   and regularly positioned fenestration ( triple and quadruple casement windows )

The principal façade of the bungalow would be in the chalet style with modern windows on the ground floor and at roof level and French windows to the side and rear.

The Society agrees with the majority of the 32 expressions of local opinion that feels that the general density of the project is distinctly out of character and out of scale with the general level of spaciousness exhibited by the existing properties on the same side of the road. In addition it has been pointed out that the new development would be one story higher than the neighbouring buildings and so natural light to other properties would be restricted – not to mention a reduction of privacy and parking facilities on a restricted site.

And so bearing in mind that an almost similar application has already been refused, we strongly recommend that because this proposal fully ignores the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

Land around  40 Southbourne Grove  Ref.  No.    7-2022-4882-G

This is an application to build a new three bedroom two storey house on a new severed site behind Southbourne Grove  and which backs on to New Park Road.  The neighbouring severed sites are mainly developed.

The principal façade towards New Park Road is a combination of modernist architectural details  disguised by generally more traditional/vernacular proportions.   The new block exhibits late nineteenth century mansion block proportions with asymmetrical modern casement windows.  The Society regards the application as a rather pedestrian design and its size and scale amounts to over development on this site,  especially in respect to recent additions on equivalent parts of neighbouring sites.

Under the circumstances, we have decided that since this proposals in no way comes near to complying with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should deferred for improvement.

11 Dowlands Road,   East Howe Ref.  No.  7-2022-22385-B

This is an application to construct a new two bedroom bungalow on a new site severed from the not quite double plot of the existing twentieth century bungalow.  The new one storey bungalow has a conventional inter war design with a prominent hipped roof and modern casement windows.  However due to the steeply sloping terrain, the short N.E. elevation is of two storeys , French windows below, casements above.

The Society considers the new built footprint to be far too large for the site,  the building lines come almost right up to the plot boundaries.  Here is yet another attempt to build in an unsuitable location, merely for private gain, which amount to over development.

We have therefore  decided that because this proposal does not comply with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

38 West Way  Ref. No.  7-2022-9248-N

This is an application to erect two semi-detached one bedroom bungalows upon a completely enclosed block of land surrounded by developed plots of land.  The new double built foot print would be in the form of two fused rectangles taking up just over one third of the site.  There would be a conventional bungalow design with a deep pitched roof and casement bay windows.  However one elevation would have larger, more modern windows extending into two gables.

The Society feel that two bungalows amount to over development and that the design would be improved if the larger windows were more sensitively incorporated into the general architectural design.  Further, we agree with local opinion that that the excessive size of the new building in comparison with adjacent properties would create privacy and traffic problems for the immediate area.  Ultimately however we accept the views of adjacent householders that in line with previous rejections, it would be irresponsible to build on this enclosed piece of land where the existing mature fauna and flora is most certainly worth preserving.

Consequently, the Society has concluded that since this proposal in no way respect the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

Land adjacent to Boscombe Grove Road , Ref. No. 7-2022-28461-A

This is an application to construct a two storey side extension to an existing semi-detached property in order to form a new dwelling. The enlarged built foot print which is double in size  and embraces French and modern vertical windows  would be a very simple structure – indeed a very basic piece of architecture.  Indeed the Society agrees with local residents  who feel that this development would appear unbalanced and visually unsympathetic both to the surrounding buildings and landscape.  We note that very few sites of adjacent properties have built extensions to the rear.

Therefore the Society has decided that since this proposal does nothing to enhance the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

30 Kinson Road, Kinson   Ref.  No. 7-2022-28589-A

This is an application to demolish several outbuildings near an existing property and to build on a severed site to the rear  a new detached bungalow.  The built foot print of the new bungalow would not be excessively large in the form of an elongated rectangle.  The conventional design would be of one storey with a prominent hipped roof  and large vertical French and modern windows.   The Society feel that although the development appears  quite competently designed, if built on the designated site, it would amount to overdevelopment.

Consequently, since this application does not comply with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we have decided that it should be refused.

24 Anstey Road,   Kinson Ref.  No.     7-2022-28593-A

This is an application to build a new two storey  two bedroom house on a severed site on the rear portion of  an existing developed site  with access via the existing garage drive of the same house.  Upon a new rectangular built foot print a traditionally designed suburban house would be constructed with a hipped roof  with lower dormers,  a central entrance and symmetrically positioned French windows on the principal elevation.

The Society is reasonably content with the design and because there is no built up property to be seen towards the rear of the site, we feel  that in this case,  a sufficient level of spaciousness exists to allow this new structure to be built without compromising the existing density of development of the neighbourhood.

Therefore provided that considerable care is exercised,  on account of the fact that this proposal appears to satisfy in a reasonable way, the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society recommends that the plans be passed.