26 Elmes Road, Redhill  Ref.   No.  7-2022-28621-A

This is an application to extend the side and rear elevations of  anexisting mid twentieth century suburban detached house.  The existing house shape would be extended under an enlarged hipped roof.  The new rear elevation would embrace four asymmetrically positioned rectangular windows.

The Society strongly feel that such a development would amount to over development and we agree with local opinion which feels that this extension would be a bad omen in respect to the stlll generally spaciouscharacter of the adjacent townscape.

There were also fears for inadequate parking and the general feeling that the new building would be used as an HMO to the general degredation of the social quality of the area.  We see here yet another example of financial gain over aesthetic enhancement.

Consequently the Society has decided that since this proposal in no way the town policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

2a Evelyn Road,MoordownRef.     No.   7-2022-5118

This is an application to build three  two storey semi detached houses which would be constructed on the site of a large garage which take up the rear portion of an already developed site, consisting of a suburban detached house.

The built footprint of the new properties  wouldtake up about 55% of the old garage site. The terrace of three houses would be part brick/part close boarded covered by a long hipped roof.  Fenestration on the west side would be a mixture of traditional vertical  and modern rectangular windows.   There would be three integral garages on the ground floor.

Although the Society realises that the new buildingswould have an over developed   spatial impact on the adjacent properties – but as  a local individual made clear;  he would rather live `next to new residential buildings than continue to have the large garage as a neighbour.   We realise this is a difficult situation; normally we would suggest outright refusal but in this situation, an exception might be followed.  The Society would only suggest thar if houses are built on the site, there should be no more than two.

Under the circumstances the Society suggests that since this proposal does not  fully  comply with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be deferred for further discussion and improvement

26 Elgin Road, Talbot Woods   Ref.     No. 7-2022-16271-H

This is an application to make external alterations and first floor extensions  to the rear elevationsof a large well designed family residence built in theexclusive neighbourhood of Talbot Woods in the 1920’s  in the Arts and Crafts style.  The main elevation has vernacular windows with a prominent  hipped roof above.  The principal visual change would be the construction of a large living/dining roomcomplete with  large, seven panel  French windows behind an extensive pillared veranda.  This extension would  project considerably beyond the original building line of the house and on the other half of this façade,  a semi-circular bay window would be constructed. Two four panel  dormers would be put in the roof.

Although the Society accepts that the proposed alterations have been designed with a tolerable degree of restraint, we are of the opinion that as a result of these changes, the overall spatial balance of this fine house would be significantly altered. We also thinkthe rear extension would create an abrupt change in respect to its original built foot print and in particular the general architectural shape of the rear  façade would be considerably  compromisedby the imposition of a more overt modernist ambience with a negative affect on adjacent properties.

As a compromise the Society suggestsa  living/dining room of more modest dimensions which would not  project further than halfway along the side of the staircase tower.  In addition we would suggest a more restrained design for the two dormers and the French windows which should be reduced in number to just five panels.

Therefore since this application is not compatible with the townscape policies of then  Bournemouth Local Plan, we suggest it be deferred for further discussion and improvement.

102  Western Avenue, NorthbourneRef.        No.         7-2022-28606-A

This is an application to build a two storey rear extension of an existing 1930’s bungalow with a new turned gable roof and two spacious dormers on the side elevations.  This is a small developed plot and the Society think that together with minor changes to turn the adjoining garage into living space, the two storey rear extension can be accommodated on the existing plot and does not degrade  the visual impact of the adjacent bungalow townscape.  However we think that it would be better if the roofs of the two new dormers were lowered slightly and  made more horizontal so as to match the existing dormers of the two bungalows either side.

And so, the Society feels that because the application does not completely fulfil the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan it should be deferred for further discussion and improvement.

15  Tregonwell Road , Town Centre  Ref.       No.         7-2022-12587-H

This is an application to create a small block of four 1×2 bedroom flats  immediately adjoining the rear courtyard of a substantial three storied villa, built in a very intensively developed residential area of central Bournemouth at the Triangle end of Tregonwell Road during the late Nineteenth Century. The building stands within the Poole Hill and West Cliff Conservation Area.   Unfortunately no picture is easily available – however it can be said that the new structure would be two stories high with a hipped roof and traditional sashed windows.

In view of the traditional high density usage of this very central part of the town, the Society feels that the spatial and social circumstances would make such a development a feasible  possibility.

And so we think that since this application generally meets the  conditions of the Conservation policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be allowed.

135 Kingswell Road by Columbia Road      Ref.    No.    7-2022-2083-L

This an application to construct a two storey four bed detached dwelling and two bungalows on a long, narrow, previously developed site.  The new house would copy the original inter war design of the original property – front porch two storey bay window and hipped roof.  The bungalows would be designed in conventional fashion – a pitched roof, side entrance, triple windows at the front, French windows to the rear.  Anew drive along the boundary of  135 would give access to the two bungalows which would be sited behind each other along the central and rear part of the site.

In spite of the attempt to foster a sense of community by building the parking/service courtyards adjacent to each other, the Society observes that the site dimensions cannot reduce the considerable space restriction in each property and the relative lack of privacy and lack of parking facilities.

We see one more example of inappropriate building speculation, merely for financial gain.   However in view of the fact that some fill in buildings have been allowed on adjacent properties the Society suggests that if new development is allowed, a single, larger bungalow at the far end of the plot would be the best solution.

Thus we have concluded that since this application  in no way enhances the townscape policies of the of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

24/26 Studland Road, Westbourne   Ref.    No.        7-2022-7545-G

This is a preliminary application to construct two three storey blocks, each containing seven flats on the site of existing properties of little architectural significance.  The two buildings (and possibly a third in the future at 22/22a ) would be designed according to traditional, late nineteenth century mansion blocks.  The two structures would have distinctive projections at the extremities ending in large gables that would be incorporated into deephipped roofs.Fenestration would be symmetrical and in one block would consist  of modern, single and double, sash windows and in the other, single and quadruple, windows in vernacular style. The rear elevations would overlook the steep slope towards Alum Chine and below three dormers there would be very large, symmetrically positioned  windows of six vertical segments.

The Society is generally satisfied with the design – it should fit in quite well with the adjacent properties; however perhaps the somewhat high roof line could be reduced by about two metres.

Consequently because this application does not yet quite fulfil the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be deferred for further discussion and improvement .

230 Kinson Road, East Howe   Ref.    No.    7-2022-28589

This is an application to construct a new bungalow at the rear end of a site that was developed as a  low density residential neighbourhood during the mid Twentieth Century. The new built footprint would take up approximately one third of the location and would consist of a standard bungalow design: square shape, hipped roof, rectangular and French windows.    The Society strongly feels that such a structure would have a negative visual impact on adjacent original properties  and would auger badly for negative urban development in the entire neighbourhood.   Here we see another example of urban speculation in a place where it was never envisaged – purely for financial gain.

Under the circumstances, since this application in no way complies with the townscape policy stands of the Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society feels it must be refused.

4 Deans Road,   Southbourne     Ref.     No.         7-2022-25995-B

This is an application to create alterations and a two storey rear extension to an existing early twentieth century semi detached, property in order to create further living space for flat accommodation.  This extension would be designed according to the  general appearance of the existing property.   However although the Society feels that this development does not adversely affect the general spatiality of the site, local fears have been expressed that an HMO would be established here to the general detriment  of the neighbourhood.

We therefore feel that, entirely on social grounds, a decision on this proposal should be deferred for further discussion.

42 Solent Road ,Southbourne-Hengistbury Head       7-2022-28588-A

This is an application to create a new two storey side and rear extension on to a well designed, inter war Arts and Crafts family house which displays vernacular style double bays on the principal elevation and a prominent hipped roof above.  The new extension would  incorporate a new garage and bedroom to the front while the rear elevation modern rectangular windows of different sizes and one original double pair and one new, single pair of French windows.

Although in absolute, architectural terms, the Society finds the general design of the proposed building quite reasonable, we agree with local opinion that finds the enlarged built foot print too large for the dimensions of the site.  The buildings lines would be too near the site boundary which would make the new structure out of character with the surrounding townscape.

Consequently,  we feel that since this application does not conform to the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan. It should be refused.

6 Grosvenor Road, Westbourne   Ref.     No.     7-2022-15225-B

This is an application to build two pairs of semi detached dwellings on a large double site which would entail the demolition of the existing property; a substantial family house, now much altered,  which was built at the time  when  the West Cliff was laid out in Arts and Crafts style as a well-to-doneighbourhood during the early Twentieth Century.  The two housing blocks would be four storeys high and the combined built foot prints of both would be substantially larger than that of the existing property.  The blocks would be designed in the modernist style. On the lower three floors, fenestration would be in the form of modern rectangular and vertical windows; the fourth floor  would consist of a roof terrace with glass balcony with triple French windows

The Society is in agreement with local opinion that the prospective new structure, would be far too large in scale and visually inappropriate in relation to the surrounding townscape.  Four storeys was considered too high and would result in too great a change in multiple use and a subsequent loss of privacy to neighbouring properties.    We would suggest as a compromise that a three house block would be more appropriate and designed in a far less austere, chunky, modernist manner with more sensitive fenestration, no roof terrace  and only three to three and a half storeys  high.  In view of the widespread systematic destruction of fine family houses across the West Cliff in the 1970’s,  the Society most earnestly appeals to the Planning Department not to allow yet another poorly planned structure to degrade this pleasant residential area.

Under the circumstances we think that because this application plainly does not reflect the townscape policies of theBournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

Land rear of Uplands Road, Charminster    Ref.    No.      7-2022-24497-B

This is an application to construct  two, two storey dwelling houses on  newly created locations divided from the rear sections of already developed,twentieth century sites at18 and 20 Uplands Road; entrances to the properties would be from the adjacent Uplands Gardens.   Both new sites would be extremely small – the built foot print of either house  taking well over 50% of the entire area.  The design of the new buildings would be a modernised form of a mid twentieth century, suburban detached dwelling.  Each would be rectangular shaped, have triple sets of casement windows, French windows and a prominent pitched roof.

For the Society, the main question at issue is not the quality of the  design but whether or not it is appropriate to allow a further piece of over construction on an already developed plot in a neighbourhood where  at least four other adjacent plots have already been utilised for further construction. We pose the conundrum:  Does the Planning Department really wish to encourage a more intensive exploitation of historic residential area with all the social problems that can be associated with higher population densities?

Therefore the Society  suggests that since this application does not fully comply with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan it should be deferred for further discussion

Land rear of 135/133 Stewart Road, Charminster           Ref.   No.     7-2-22-7084-S

This is an applicationto build a two storey block of two small flats on theenclosed  rear portion of the site of two semi detached houses that were constructed during the creation of the residential neighbourhood of Charminster in the late Nineteenth Century.The new building would be in the shape of a rectangular box with two windows and three entrances on the west façade and with two large  and one aluminium windows on the first floor – which would be a close boarded structure with a sloping roof.

In the opinion of the Society what is proposed is a most utilitarian and primitive design – hardly to be dignified by the name of architecture.  We think of it as yet another – and this time extreme – example of an attempt to create entirely for financial gain, totally inappropriate structures on an already developed site where no building was ever imagined.

Therefore we have no hesitation in deciding that since this proposal in no way relates to the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

1-3 Watkin Road, at the corner of Florence Road, Boscombe      Ref.   No.  7-2022-9829-F

This is an application to demolish the extensive structures opposite St. Andrews Church,  which consist of two, much altered, late nineteenth century villas linked by a modern one storey building  and to build instead one four storey and one five story, block containing 32 flats ( including a  penthouse )with four sem-idetached dwelling houses between.   The facades of the two blocks would embrace a mixture of modern windows of varying sizes with two openings on each floor being French windows with glass balconies.  The four semi detached houses would be in a two storied terrace with four  prominent gables and large  vertical windows on the first floor.

The Society is at one with local opinion that feels that the structures would be way out of scale with the established townscape of the surrounding area  and have a negative effect on the viability of the local  community. It was considered that more family housing was needed not ever more one bedroom flats.  We find the attempt in the Design Justification section to try and prove that the very different scale of the new proposalswould make  a positive contribution to the quality of the  urban environment to be totally misplaced. In particular we think the attempt to place a quasi-traditional building between the two large flat blocks, is a  patheticendeavour to mollify the architecturally negative intrusions of the latter in what is still a pleasant, late nineteenth century residential area.  Irrespective of the unsuitable façade of 19 Florence Road, the Society feels there is simply no need to compound this mistake.

Therefore we suggest that the large site in question is developed in the form of two lower density buildings designed for larger flats by a careful synthesis of traditional basic shapes and sensitive, modern, architectural forms.

Therefore the Society has decided after careful thought that since this proposal does not come near to fulfilling the townscape policies of the Bournemouth, it should be refused.

160-168 Charminster Road (by Alma Road) , Ref.    No.      7-2022-81111-AB

This is an application to construct two further floors on an existing, modern, two storey, retail terrace at the junction of Charminster and Richmond Park Road. Permission would be sought by prior approval legislation to create 12 further, one bedroom flats.  The extra floors would  copy the neo Georgian façade of the existing building and above there would be a new pitched roof with a line of dormers.

The Society condemns this particular proposal in the strongest of possible terms.  The cross roads formed by the coming together of Charminster Road, Richmond Park Road and Alma Road is an extremely well integrated piece of late nineteenth and twentieth century townscape.  If built the increased bulk of the new retail/flat block would completely dominate this open space and fundamentally change the general character and the life style of this place.  In the Design Statement, no understanding whatever is shown as to the negative aesthetic impact of the new building.  To suggest that the two extra storeys  would have a minimal  impact onthe vibrancy of the local community is to fly  in the face of reality.  More and more  sub standard rabbit warren sized flats is a sure way of destroying the natural elan of Charminster.

We are well aware that the continuing success of the retail areas of outer Bournemouth is mainly due to the reasonable dimensions of the blocks of  buildings created in the late Nineteenth Century, that make up the commercial sections of these neighbourhoods. In such urban environments, real communities can flourish and expand;  but  If these irresponsible prior arrangement planning facilities are not vigorously opposed, an uncontrolled momentum of developments where financial gain is the only priority will eventually completely ruin the aesthetic and spatial sensibilities of our shopping centres which we now take for granted.

And so we most earnestly request the Planning Department to make every effort to resist these prior approval arrangements; we have every reason to believe that the Planning Committee is generally against these measures.

Consequently, the Society have concluded that since this proposal is completely against the townscape policies ofthe Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

2-12 Commercial Road,   BobbysRef.    No.      1090-AA

Thisis an application to replace the modernist style windows that were inserted into the new wing that was constructed at the northern end of the principal façade of the store facing the Square in the 1970’s. The building lies within the Poole Hill and West Cliff Conservation Area. There will be a concerted attempt to match in somewhat simpler form the elaborate, Italianate/baroque style fenestration which was such an important design element in the construction of exclusive department stores in fashionable metropoliwithin industrialised countries before 1914.  The existing arched large windows on the first and second floors will be copied and smaller vertical windows on the third and forth floors will replicate in simplified form the surviving windows at these levels. Appropriate ornate  art work reflecting the period, will be placed on the outer walls between the floors.

The Society think this is a most admirable enterprise;  we recommend permission be given without reservation.Therefore since this proposal satisfies in every way the conservation policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it is our pleasure to recommend it be allowed.