15 Dalamere Gardens, Redhill  Ref.    No.   7-2022-28404-A

This is an application to build a two storey extension on the eastern side of an existing mid twentieth century detached house, situated at the end of a cul-de-sac in Redhill.  The widened front elevation, where the new extension would be set back, would include an integral garage and an extra upstairs bedroom.  The rear elevation would be widened by an extension of living room space behind the garage and a large new five panelled French window from the existing house.  There would be a new, larger, hipped roof and the new windows  would be modern in style.

The Society is of the opinion that over all, the new work will fit reasonably well with the existing structure – the proposed new  built footprint although a little large is reasonably compatible with those of adjacent properties.  We do however  think that the new metal windows on the main facades could be better designed and positioned.   Further, local opinion has expressed fear of sunlight loss due to the size of the new extension.  Perhaps it might be possible  to place some light reflecting material on the eastern wall of the new extension.

Under the circumstances, since this proposal does not fully comply with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we feel it should be deferred for further discussion and improvement.

17 Huntly Road, Talbot Woods     Ref.     No.      7-2022-24150-A

This is an application to construct a one and two storey enlargement to an existing house, built in

quasi vernacular style during  the post war period.   There would be a considerable re arrangement

of the existing  rear living and dining area and on the upper bedroom floor  and the construction of a

one storey utility extension along the west side of the house;  there would also be a one storey

extension of the enlarged living/dining area into the rear garden.  The new rear elevation would be

almost symmetrical in design – the ground floor would embrace a seven panelled French window

with symmetrical casement windows on the first floor and an enlarged hipped roof with a six light

dormer window above.


Although the resulting front and rear extensions would have quite different forms of design, the Society feels that the  two differing facades would compliment each other quite properly to create an enlarged structure  that, together with a reasonably sized built foot print, would not be excessively  out of place within the surrounding townscape.

Consequently we thing that since this proposals fulfils the conditions of the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be allowed.

26 Foxholes Road, Southbourne    Ref.   No.        7-2022-18947-A

This is an application a two storey extension to an existing, large  early twentieth century family house, built in the late Arts and Crafts style  and also a short, single storey annexe in the rear garden of the property near the north boundary . The new extension would accommodate an enlarged living and dining space below with extra sleeping space above;  and the small annexe an additional bedroom .  The new rear elevation would contain large, modern quadruple windows on both floors  – and the linked annexe, which would be close boarded,    would contain modern fenestration including a four panelled French window.

Although the Society finds the new built foot print of the proposed building reasonably compatible with  those of adjacent properties, we find the design of the proposed main rear extension  most unimaginative and extremely  inappropriate in respect to the architectural quality of the existing house.  In addition we  think that the design of the annex totally unsuitable in relation to its visual context.

The Society therefore suggest that a general redesign of any planned extension be carried out in which the fine spatial and visual qualities of the existing house are more  fully displayed.  We have therefore concluded that since this proposal does not meet the conditions of the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

Moose Centre,  117-119 Malmesbury Park Road     Ref.   No.    7-2022-5952-J

This is an application to demolish the existing community centre (in the form of a much expanded, original residential property) and to build a three storey block of 14  flats

The built foot print of the new structure would be about a quarter larger than that of the existing structure.  It would be built in the form of a large rectangle; it would take up well over 50% of the site  and the western building line would be extremely close to the boundary fence.  Each studio style flat would contain a sitting/dining room and a small bedroom.

The general design of the principal elevation would be modern Arts and Crafts with hipped side roofs above (with dormers) and a flat one in the centre. On the main façade there would be two slight projections at each extremity connected to two storey bay windows with gables above. Fenestration across the entire façade would be symmetrical with balconies in the centre – in the form of single and double, modern, vertical sash windows.  The rear elevation would be a simplified version of the front.

The Society feels that even if the present plans are more or less relatively compatible with the adjacent residential terraces, the general dimensions are still rather too large for the general scale of the townscape on this side of Malmesbury Park Road.  Balconies on the front façade might be considered somewhat inappropriate and we agree with local opinion in thinking that three storeys is too high which could lead to loss of natural light, privacy, parking problems and an excessive population density for the site.

In addition the Society asks even if the neighbouring population only used the existing centre 13.5% of all the days of the year in 2020, are these sufficient grounds to close this facility permanently ?

Therefore we think that because this proposal does not fully satisfy the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local, it should be deferred for further discussion and improvement.

126 Shelbourne Road , Winton  Ref.    No.       7-2022-28637

This is an application to build a two storey extension on the east side of a small late nineteenth century detached house.   There would be domestic offices and a garage on the ground floor and new bedrooms above. New vertical sash windows on both elevations would be  symmetrically positioned on both elevations: a second  French window would front the new extension at the re elevation.

The Society is confident that the proposed alteration will be  compatible both in design and scale in respect to the adjacent neighbourhood.  Therefore we think that because this proposal has fully satisfied the townscape policies of  the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be allowed.

646-648 Christchurch   Road, Boscombe     Ref.     No.  7-2022-7579-I

This is an application to create three smaller shop units out of an existing single one (the former Halifax Bank) and also a new ground floor, street entrance for the existing flats on the second and third floors. The new shop units would be modern and very restrained; in considerable contrast to the very distinctive, Art Nouveau style of the rest of the building.   Thus large, spectacular, five  panelled windows on the first and second floors and  elaborately pedimented dormers in the pitched roof above, decorate the street façade.

The Society fully appreciates that the changing structure of retail activities increasingly necessitates the creation of small, more flexible  shop units.   Provided as in this case, they are able to properly serviced, we have no objection to these developments.

And so we feel that since this proposal satisfied the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be allowed.

896 Christchurch Road, Pokesdown        Ref.     No.    7-2022-4298-J

This is an application to construct a small three storey block of five flats with retail facilities below.   The site lies next door  to a well known, architecturally distinctive, late nineteenth century structure originally built as the Pokesdown Art and Technology Schools in 1889.  The latter of three storeys, is most elaborately decorated with the full blown architectural embellishments of the Italian Renaissance; with elaborate window frames, doorways and distinctive pilasters on the main façade.  The proposed new building by contrast, would consist mainly of large rectangular  windows of different sizes held together by a concrete frame.

Consequently, the Society, in view of its position and its unimaginative modern design, feel it is completely incompatible with the very distinctive appearance of the former Art and Technology School next door.   We are therefore fully in agreement with “Historic Buildings and Places” which has inferred that the new development would in no way enhance the surrounding  late Victorian and Edwardian townscape.  They ask, does the proposed building add to the overall urban quality of the area; is it visually attractive? When posing these questions the response from the Victorian Society is  that the development must respond sensitively to the distinctive elements of the townscape and that  the Planning Department must ensure that the design must satisfy the highest levels of quality in this regard before approval is given.

We ourselves would suggest a much more symmetrical  design for the new development with more linear, rounded window shapes embedded within a more integrated, façade structure –  all contained within a modernised, generally classical ensemble.

Consequently, since the Society has concluded that this proposal in no way comes near to satisfying the townscape policies of the  Bournemouth Local Plan, we have decided that it should be refused.

Newbury Steps:  Dean Park Cricket Pavilion, Cavendish Road          Ref.    No.        7-2022-9300-AH

This is an application to renovate the existing modern cricket  pavilion, built a few years previously .   The work would consist of the  removal of various attached outbuildings, the creation of a modern entrance foyer  and a general restoration of the large, semi circular window within the existing domed main structure.   The Society feels that this project will greatly improve the appearance and operating efficiency of the Pavilion.   Therefore since this proposal fulfils all the conditions of the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we can recommend this improvement without any reservations.

96 Barnes Crescent, East Howe   Ref.    No. 7-2022-13605-D

This is an application  to construct a small pre-fab style bungalow on a site divided off from an existing plot that was developed, along with the surrounding neighbourhood in East Howe, during the mid Twentieth  Century. The building would be of one storey and would consist of a close boarded/brick frame punctured by very large triple windows.

The Society notes that the structure is so basic and simple that it can hardly be classified as a piece of architecture.    Furthermore, we observe that the built footprint of the intended building would take up  to 50% of the restricted site. Thus on aesthetic grounds alone but also on account t of the excessive over development of the site, the Society strongly feels that the proposed building would have a considerable negative affect on the appearance of the adjacent townscape. We see here yet another example of an attempt to built residential property on sites in already developed neighbourhoods in Bournemouth which were never designed for that purpose.

Therefore because this proposal in no way observes the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society has decided that it should be refused.

Guildford Court, 29 Surrey Road      Ref.      No.  7-2022-3795-AO

This is an application to construct by means of prior approval legislation, an extra fifth floor above the existing four storey modern block of flats.  The new floor which would imply the reconstruction of the existing penthouse, would accommodate eight further flats.   The new floor would follow the design of the existing lower floors encompassing a mixture of modern casement windows and window balconies.

The Society believes that there is no legitimate reason for heightening the block other than financial gain and generally agrees with local opinion  (over 25 Emails) that the increased height of the structure would create an eyesore for the district culminating in the ruination of sight lines along Surrey Road.  Fears were also expressed as to whether the existing foundations  could bear the increased weight and if the existing service and parking  facilities would be  adequate. Considerable disruption to the existing flat holders  during the extensive building works was also a worry.

And so, taking every thing into account, we have decided that because this proposal does not comply with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should  be refused.

Land between 49 and 55 Somerley Road,  Winton   Ref.    No.  7-2022-278238

This is an application to build two semi detached, two bedroom houses on a new  site created by the  merging of the rear portions of the developed sites of 55 Somerley Road and 31 Green Road. The considerable built footprint would  take up at least 60% of the new site.

The two houses of modern traditional design would each be in the shape of two intersecting rectangles  and would encompass double, modern sash windows symmetrically positioned with quadruple French windows to the rear and hipped roof above.

The Society points out  that here is yet another  blatant example of an attempt to capitalise, merely for financial gain, by the development of land within a limited space that was never intended to be built over.

Therefore because this proposal in no way comes near to satisfying the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society feels it should be refused.

15 Summers Avenue/Tonge Road,  Kinson     Ref.     No.       7-2022-28363

This is an application to demolish two existing, one bedroom,  bungalows, and to replace them with some what larger, two bedroom bungalows.   The site is part of an estate originally developed by Bournemouth Council for the benefit of disabled people.  The new one storey design attempts to create a less stark appearance and a more visually acceptable position between the two roads.  Fenestration would be in the form of three light windows; there would be two pedimented entrances and a low rise hipped roof above.

The Society finds the new design completely appropriate for the site; thus on account of the fact that we find this proposal complies fully with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we suggest it be granted.

70 Leybourne  Avenue,  Redhill    Ref.     No.      7-2022-28635-A

This is an application to build a new, detached, three bedroom house on a site severed from the existing, semi-detached, developed site at the junction of Leybourne Avenue and Saxonhurst Road which was part of a new inter war neighbourhood in north Bournemouth.   The new house would be designed to resemble the original houses in the area.  The front elevation would contain a double bay containing two large seven light windows with a gable and wider hipped roof above.

Irrespective of the compatibility of the proposed design, the new built foot print would be place extremely close to the existing house and southern boundary fence.  The Society think the site is just too small and unsatisfactory and would amount  to considerable over development.  Our vies are generally shared by local opinion which in addition fears a reduction of natural sun light and privacy, increased parking problems and an overall reduction in the quality of aesthetic sensibility within the neighbourhood.

Therefore we recommend that since this proposal does in no way comply with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

30 Kimberley Road , Southbourne  Ref.    No.  7-2022-22566-D 

This  is an application to build  a two storey extension at the rear of  an existing early twentieth century house in order to create an enlarged living/dining area with extra bedrooms on the first floor and in the roof space.  The new rear elevation would contain a six panelled French window (contained with a narrow one story projection) a large, modern triple window above and a triangular three light window in the gable. There would be two large modern dormers on each of the long side elevations.

The Society recognises that the alterations are not an exception piece of design, but we think that the new built foot print is reasonably compatible with those of the neighbouring properties.  We would however suggest that the inelegant, modernist design of the two dormers be changed to a double window of two vertical sections. Local  opinion is worried that the increased size of the rear section would be likely to reduce the sunlight for adjacent properties. Perhaps to remedy this, the one storey rear extension containing the French windows could be eliminated to being flush with the main rear  elevation.

Under the circumstances we feel that because this proposal dos not yet fully relate to the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be deferred for further discussion and improvement.

11 Gervis Place, Town Centre   Ref.     No.   7-2022-4244-AF

This is an application to  bring into active use the lower ground floor of the ground floor restaurant as an open air extension of the food services offered by the restaurant.   Behind the neo-classical, early twentieth century facades of Gervis Place within the inner courtyard, a new restaurant facility would be created.   The main change would be the establishment of a smoking facility (mainly for fish) under a series of semi-permanent slightly sloping roofs which would  have direct connection with the restaurant in the main building.

The Society feel that this well thought out initiative should be strongly recommended. With the general trend in the change from mainly retail to more socially orientated facilities now taking place in the main commercial areas of central Bournemouth, this new restaurant facility is a welcome step in the right direction. We would ask that due thought  is given to fume extraction and that any associated ventilation kit is efficient and not noisy.

Therefore we think that since this project very much fits in with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan,  it should be allowed.

10 Castleton Avenue, Kinson    Ref.    No.      7-2022-28627-A

This is  an application to construct a new bungalow at the rear of an already developed, twentieth century bungalow; access would be via the existing  garage exit from No. 10.   The new built foot print would cover well over 50% of the new severed site.  The small structure would be designed in a simple traditional style in the form of a basic rectangle. Below a hipped roof, brick walls  would enclose modern vertical windows and a six element French window.

The Society observes that here is yet another example of new residential development being attempted, solely for financial gain on a developed site that was never intended for such intensive use.    Again the Civic Society most earnestly requests the Planning Department not to allow such degrading planning practices to become well established in the Garden City of Bournemouth.

Consequently, because this proposal in no way conforms with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we recommend refusal.