Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road

at 2.00pm on Monday 25th November 2019


Present: Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Hilda Brownlow, Elaine Cooper, Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), Beryl Parker (Social Secretary), John Soane (Built Environment Officer, Phil Stanley-Watts, Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary)


 Apologies: John Barker (President) and James Weir (Heritage and Conservation Officer). 


  1. The minutes for the meeting held on 28th October were agreed.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes:
  • Cooption to the Committee.  It was agreed that Phil Stanley-Watts should be co-

opted onto the Committee until the 2020 AGM

  • 1920s Postcards.  Alwyn Ladell had loaded the postcards onto his Flickr archive and

created a Civic Society page. Ken had further photographs and archive material for him to upload so was meeting him shortly. The original postcards would be presented to Bournemouth Libraries. Once the Flickr work was completed it would be linked to the Society’s website.

  • Planning Policy Steering Group.  This item had been deleted from the agenda as the Group was not meeting, however the need for it continued and the forthcoming newsletter referred to it.


  1. Built Environment.
  • Wessex Fields. The ‘Friends of Riverside’ had taken General Election candidates for a walk around the area and green belt.
  • Winter Gardens. The revised landscaping scheme had been approved by the Planning Committee
  • Purple Flag Working Party. The working party met in November
  • Bournemouth Local Plan. Ken had submitted the Society’s comments
  • Lansdowne Pedestrianisation. Ken had submitted the Society’s comments


  1. Heritage and Conservation.
  • Grand Cinema, Westbourne. The application to form a gym in the building had been refused
  • Hicks Farm and Throop Mill. No news on public consultation on Hicks Farm but Throop Mill had been sold by Heygates to its next door neighbour at Throop House.
  • White’s Farm. J S would review the plans


  1. See John Soane’s report: 
  • 32-34 Markham Road. The plan to build three bungalows was excessive for the site and should be reduced to two.  Defer
  • Grassmore Hall, 121 Knole Road. The application to create an additional two flats should be allowed
  • 188-194 Spring Road. The Society approved the replacement of a disused factory with terraced houses but thought that the proposed nine houses was excessive and that the plan should be reviewed.  Defer
  • 26-28 Talbot Road. The plan to extend and convert a private house into five small flats.  This would be excessive in a residential area and would not satisfy the townscape policy of the Local Plan.  Defer
  • 9 Castle Road. The plan to build 27 houses on the site of the former Castle Laundry in four-storey blocks.  The Society felt that the blocks should be more uniform in appearance and the scheme should be deferred to bring the development into line with the Council’s townscape policy.
  • 47a Southcote Road. The plan to build a block of 8 flats between two existing commercial buildings but the design lacked coordination and should be deferred.
  • 4 Greaves Close. The plan to build 3 bungalows on an un-developed plot which could be reached only by a narrow road was too high a density for the area and should be reduced to a single property of 2 flats in order to comply with the townscape policy.
  • 13 Durley Road South. The revised plan for the site was a big improvement and should be allowed.
  • A 338. The Society agreed that an access road onto Wessex Fields and providing improved access to the Hospital was right but objected to the suggested flyover which would carry traffic towards Ringwood but provide un-necessary congestion where it met the northbound A 338 and impact harshly on the historic barn and the Holdenhurst Conservation Area.


  1. Planning Board Observations:

October.  Phil reported

  • Winter Gardens and Keystone Building. The plans for the redevelopment of the site were approved
  • Bournemouth University Digital Centre. The plans were rejected
  • 22 Rosebud Avenue. Plans for 4 flats were rejected

November.  Elaine reported

  • Aldi Store on Wallisdown Road Retail Park. The planned extension was refused.
  • 76 Huntley Road. Plans for a infill house were approved
  • 88 Alma Road. Plans for an extension were approved


  1. Communications Timetable.  The New Year Newsletter was with the Printer. Thanks to Ken for writing this up.


  1.   Civic Voice.  The 2020 Manifesto had been published


  1. Activities Officer. 
  • Hinton Firs Hotel. The Hinton Firs Hotel had been used for the monthly talks for many years but the new management had let the room for examinations and were not prepared to alter that contract to allow the Society to continue its’ long established use of the room.  Talks had now been moved to the Elstead Hotel.


  • Soup and Sandwich Talks 2020. The series of talks for Spring had been arranged by Beryl and the information posted out with the forthcoming Newsletter. Beryl was thanked for all she has done especially as there had been must greater unexpected admin due to problems with the hotel.


  1. Membership Officer’s Report.
  • Membership Cards. It was agreed that the practice of enclosing membership cards with the New Year Newsletter should be discontinued.  Instead annual members should be asked to enclose a stamped addressed envelope for the card which would be sent to them on receipt of their renewal cheque.


  1. Webmaster’s Report. All up to date but Committee details to be revised and latest newsletter and activities sheets added when back from the printers.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:
  • Current Account. The balance in the current account was £37,798.73
  • Gift Aid. The Gift Aid receipts for 2019 had been £104.25


  1. Caroline Peach Meeting.  The next meeting with Caroline Peach would be in

February and the agenda would be decided at the January meeting


  1. Any Other Business
  • Elaine’s Book. Elaine account of her year as Mayoress will be launched on 26th November
  • Annual General Meeting. The AGM would be held in the Connaught Hotel at 7pm on Monday 6th Ken would ask James if he could give his talk on the architectural history and heritage of the former Palace Court Theatre – original home of Bournemouth Little Theatre Club.
  • Committee Addresses. An up-to-date committee address list was needed so Paul would do this.


   Next Meeting – Monday 27th January at venue to be confirmed.


      The meeting closed at 15.40



Ken Mantock

27th January 2020                                                                        Chairman