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From: Deborah Ackerley
Sent: Fri, 6 Apr 2018 16:50
Subject: Stakeholder Consultation Event: Bournemouth Conservation Areas: 10th & 11th April 2018

Old Christchurch Road Conservation Area
East Cliff Conservation Area
West Cliff and Poole Hill Conservation Area
We are sorry that you are not able to join us at the Stakeholder Review events taking place next week, where we will be discussing the draft Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plans being prepared for East Cliff, Old Christchurch Road and West Cliff and Poole Hill Conservation Areas.
You may be interested in looking through the work books which have been compiled to support the events, which contain background information, as well as a series of maps, illustrations and questions which we will be looking to discuss during the sessions.  We would be very grateful if you could look through one or all of these documents and respond to the questions raised within them.  There is a removable section at the back of the document which sums up the questions and this can either posted or emailed back to us.  We would be very interested to hear your thoughts and would be grateful of any information which you would like to send.
We would also like to make you aware that there will be a further round of public consultation events taking place in June and July, where you will also get the chance to respond to the documents and meet us and members of the Local Authority.
If you have any queries on the attached, please let us know, otherwise we look forward to receiving your responses by 20th April 2018.
Kind regards
Deborah Ackerley
Office Manager, Bath Office
Donald Insall Associates
1 Harington Place

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From: Kenneth Mantock
To: Deborah Ackerley
Sent: Thu, 26 Apr 2018 9:59
Subject: Re: Stakeholder Consultation Event: Bournemouth Conservation Areas: 10th & 11th April 2018
Hello Deborah,

Thank you for your email and as you know Bournemouth Civic Society was able to have committee members at all the presentations/workshops you recently organised.

We discussed the proposed Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans at our monthly committee meeting held on Monday, having already read the documents you provided and after hearing reports there from two of the reps who had attended are very pleased to be able to write to record our strong support for what you propose across all three Conservation Areas.

We particularly welcome the identification in each Conservation Area of separate character areas so that a more informed and fine grained approach can be taken, the changes to boundaries – especially of Westover Road to the Old Christchurch Road Conservation Area and West Cliff Green to the West Cliff and Poole Hill Conservation Area plus the professional and practical approach to managing change and improvements.

Elaine Cooper penned below the following specific observations on West Cliff and Poole Hill and so I include them for their specific interest but they are also of interest regarding the principle over the other two areas regarding wider general public realm maintenance and street scene management concerns.

“With regard to the split into Character Areas i think this is excellent as there are clearly different areas on the West Cliff and defining them in this way will help to determine what kind of changes/developments would be acceptable within a particular area

I think the boundary changes are good; some small areas have been included which seemed to be missed out for no good reason, in particular the Upper Terrace Road and the Commercial Road area.  The inclusion of the West cliff Green is excellent as it emphasises the importance of retaining good open spaces in retaining character.

With regard to how the area could be improved; as I walk the area almost every day I see that much of it seems to be in need of regeneration in terms of TLC.  The pavements are poor having been very badly repaired after service works, the gutters are dirty and too many developments are not continued or even started, leaving boarded dirty plots.  In particular the Old Coach House on Commercial Road between Poole Hill and West Hill Road which is, to put it bluntly, a mess.  Also, the site of St George’s Hotel, this has been empty for years and would improve the Green greatly if it were built on.  The buildings along West Hill Road are all of interest especially the Goat & Tricycle Pub but are not seen to advantage   This whole area could do with an upgrade.

Other points are that removal of barriers such as fences around character buildings which block the view of them could be removed and some good landscaping done around them.  If security is necessary see-through attracive railings could be use to enhance the character.  I have in mind Hanheman House but I’m sure there are others.  Shop fronts hide some beautiful facades on Poole Hill.  Untidy borders of hotels alongside pavements produce a very negative effect.  Views, such as the one down Cranborne Road from Tregonwell Road which is very verdant should be protected when the development in wht winter Gardens goes ahead.

With regard to new builds:  if they are of sensitive design which fits with and enhances the surrounding area they would be welcome as it would help to improve the overall appearance of this somewhat neglected part of the town.  We shall soon see the result of the new developments on the Wessex Hotel site and the Durley Road Car Park.  The loss of the Wessex Hotel was a big blow as it fitted well into the space and was a good character building.”

We welcome the work that you are doing, thank the Council for commissioning you and look forward to being involved and able to support the further development of these three important documents that will give the Council the tools to conserve, enhance and better manage these important historic areas.
Regards Ken

Ken Mantock FRSA
Chairman – Bournemouth Civic Society