Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road

at 2.pm on Monday 24th September 2018


  1. Present: John Barker (President), Ken Mantock (Chairman), Hilda Brownlow,

Elaine Cooper, Peter Lucas, Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), Beryl Parker (Social Secretary),John Soane (Built Environment Officer, and Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary)


  1. Apologies:  Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), and James Weir (Heritage and   

   Conservation Officer)


  1. Minutes.  The minutes for the meeting held on 23rd July were agreed.


  1.   Matters Arising from the Minutes.

  4.1     Cultural Strategy.  A copy of the Strategy has been received.

4.2     Cultural Development Fund.  Elaine attended the meeting, James has received a

copy of the submission which had been circulated around the Committee.


  1.   The Planning Policy Steering Group. There have been no meetings since the

last meeting but one was expected soon .

  1.       Built Environment.

  6.1     A338/RBH Access Roads.  Peter reported the plans will go to the Planning Board


  6.2     Purple Flag.  Ken reported that the the 2018 submission has been endorsed and Jon

Skip has noted there would be a meeting soon.

  6.3     Town Centre Management Plan Public Consultation.  Awaiting news following

Public Consultation that Jean and Hilda attended.

6.4     Queens Park Neighbourhood Plan. James and Ken had offered support and advice

to the Neighbourhood Forum.

6.5     Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan. Regulation 16 consultation by the Council will

take place between 20th September and 2nd November.  Elaine will attended their


  6.6     Richmond Gardens Student Accommodation Plans.  John Soane had contacted

Pegasus and given them the Society’s views on the proposals.


  1.    Heritage and Conservation.

  7.1      Westover Road Cinemas. Appeals dismissed. James had spoken with the Echo. It

was hoped that a theatre impresario might take an interest in The Regent now. It was

thought that judicial reviews of the decisions might be made by the owner.

  7.2      Cliff End Hotel.  Plans allowed despite officers’ recommendation to refuse.

7.3      Hicks Farm, Throop.  Public consultation on the proposals had taken place. A

update would be requested at forthcoming meeting with Andrew England.


  1. Planning.  See John Soane’s report:
    • 19 The Crescent.  Unacceptable plan for a house – refuse.
    • 859 Wimborne Road.  An inappropriate plan for a ground floor flat – defer
    •   40 Wordsworth Avenue.  Flats fenestration lacked balance, many objections –


  •   The 23 flats were awful – refuse
  •   27-31 Southcote Road.  Plans for 23 flats, well designed – approve
  • 65 Malmesbury Park Road.  A decently designed house, but site too cramped –


  •  87 Southbourne Road.  Proposal for a bungalow – refuse
  • Play Area, Crescent Road.  Wrong place for 10 flats – refuse
  • 42 Stourcliffe Avenue.  6 well-designed flats, wrong for area – refuse
  • 101 Talbot Road  Fake balconies spoil the proposed 6 flats – defer.
  • 24 Poole Hill,  Well designed renovation – support
  • 56 South Road.  Plans for two semis – approve
  • 40 Wordsworth Avenue.  2nd application, many objections – refuse


  1. Planning Board Observations.  Sally and John B attended the July and August


  10.1     Cliff End Hotel.  Plans for replacement flats approved

10.2     Coal Yard, North Road.  Redevelopment to residential use approved.

10.3     Livingstone Academy.  Proposed use of former magistrates’ court in Stafford Road  –

wrong site for a school (pre application)

10.4      47 Heron Court Road.  Conversion of house to flats – approved

  • 19 Kingswell Road. New house application – approved


  1. Communications Timetable.  The Autumn Newsletter had been written by

      Ken and distributed by Sally. Copy for the Christmas edition required by 4th



  1. Civic Voice. AGM in Birmingham 19-20 October. Jean and David attending  


  1. Bournemouth 2026  Newsletter received


  1. Bournemouth-in-Bloom. Beryl reported as follows:

  14.1.    South/South East Results.  20 members travelled to Brighton, 28 certificates.

14.2     National Results would be announced in Belfast in November.


  1. Activities Officer.  See the report distributed with the Autumn Newsletter.
  2. Membership Officer’s Report.  No change


  1. Webmaster’s Report.  Up to date and current. Agreed to reimburse Ken the

annual webhosting fee he had paid.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Current account £13,536.87, including gift aid refund of



  1. Any Other Business.

19.1      AGM Speaker. Ian Harvey (Civic Voice) would be approached.

   19.2      Bournemouth in Bloom Presentations – 17th October, Carlton Hotel

19.3      Meeting with Andrew England on 12th October – Agenda Items:

  • Winton Neighbourhood Plan
  • Queens Park Neighbourhood Plan
  • A338/ RBH approach roads and road widening problems
  • Beach Huts
  • Hicks Farm
  • Town Centre parking
  • Westover Road cinemas and proposals and Council ideas for their use
  • Cliff End Hotel
  • New Authority (from April 2019) – effects on planning?
  • Carallion oil drilling in Bay
  • Housing needs – affects on local plans

  19.4      Graduate Project.  Ken had met Fiona Cousins and would be meeting other

representatives from the History Department at Bournemouth University on 31st

October to progress students working with archive documents recently received

from Ian Dickens, the Society’s founding Chairman.


  Next Meeting – Monday October 22nd at 18 Sandbourne Road

  The meeting closed at 15.12                      



Ken Mantock

22nd October 2018                                                                                      Chairman