Minutes of a ‘Zoom’ Meeting of the Committee held at the Invitation of

Paul at 7.30pm on Monday 23rd November 2020

Present: Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Elaine Cooper, Jean-Daniel Kursner, John Soane (Built Environment Officer, and Paul Newsome (Minutes


Apologies: John Barker (President), Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), James Weir (Heritage and Conservation Officer), Hilda Brownlow, Beryl Parker and Phil Stanley-Watts.

  1. Minutes. The minutes for the meeting held on 26th October were agreed.

2. Matters Arising from the Minutes:

  • Condolences. Ken confirmed that he had written to Hilda.

  1. Built Environment.

  • Viking Court, 47 Southbourne Overcliff Drive. Jean-Daniel was researching planning in Southbourne and would now liaise with Verity and the Southbourne Heritage Forum.

  • Friends of Riverside. A reply had been received from the Council confirming that plans were being reviewed.

  • 32 Cleveland Road. See John S’s comments.

  • Boscombe Area Town Development. Plans and a bid had been submitted by the Council for review by the Government.

  • Transforming Lansdowne. The Council had approved revised plans which allowed buses and traffic along Holdenhurst Road which are considered better than the prvious proposals.

  • Transforming Travel. The Society needed to check plans for the routes from the town centre to Ferndown ad Christchurch. Elaine, John and Ken would review.

  • Sand Replenishment . The Council planned to improve beaches from Southbourne to Poole this coming year

  • 36 Burnham Drive. A plea for help had been received via the website re plans for development. John S would investigate and include in the next monthly digest

  1. Heritage and Conservation.

  • Throop Mill. Numerous queries on the website. Ken had emailed Caroline Peach seeking information.

  • Victorian Tram Shelter, Iddesleigh Road. No further news – the Society agreed that it would offer a grant toward restoration. Ken would contact Cllr Hedges.

  • Blue Plaque for Margo Breeze (Durell). It was agreed to support the request via the website for a Blue Plaque at 51 St Alban’s Avenue. Ken would contact Mike Stead and the resident who had emailed us.

  • Aviary in Lower Gardens. It was agreed that the Society should make a £300 grant towards its repairs. Ken would liaise with Peter to make a payment

  1. Planning. See John Soane’s written reports:

  • 32 Cleveland Road. An application to build a three storey block of 18 flats on the site of a former industrial building. The design was not in keeping with surrounding buildings and failed to meet the townscape policy and should be refused.

  • Hop Inn, 6 Westcliff Road. The application was to install advertising material on the front of the building which would be painted black. This failed to meet the townscape policies and should be refused.

  • 49 Markham Avenue. The plan was to demolish a much extended bungalow and outbuildings and replace them with four bungalows. The Society considered that there should be no more than two bungalows and the application should be refused

  • 137 Broadway, Southbourne. An application to build two 2-storey semi detached homes on the site of a mid-century bungalow. The Society considered that the design was incongruous and failed to meet the townscape policies and should be refused.

  • 1008 Wimborne Road. An application to build a two and a half block of 8 flats on the car park of the Holly Public House. The society consider that the block should be reduced to 6 flats and repositioned and the plan deferred for improvement or refused.

  • 14 Lombard Avenue. An application to build a two storey extension to a substantial family house. The Society considered that in part the extension was out of keeping with the original building and should be deferred for improvement or refused.

  • 46-48 Dalmeny Road. This application was to extend two mid century detached houses so that they could be joined to form 6 flats. The Society considered the mass of the new building was excessive and out of keeping with the surroundings and, failing to meet the townscape policy should be refused.

  • Land beside 973 Christchurch Road. The application to build a pair of semi-detached houses on vacant ground but the built footprint would be considerably larger than adjacent properties. The Society considered that the site was suitable for one smaller property or should be landscaped as a community space, consequently the plans should be refused.

  • 18 Holdenhurst Avenue. An application to build a substantial two storey extension to a palatial Arts & Crafts inter war house. The society considered that the plans were out of keeping with the existing building and should be refused.

  • 25 Glenferness Avenue. An application to build a substantial two and a half block of 8 flats in the Arts & Crafts style of neighbouring properties. The Society approved of these plans and recommend that they be allowed.

  • 154 Iford Lane. A plan to build two detached houses on waste land beside the railway embankment. The Society is happy with the proposal believe that the buildings should be re-sited and the application should be deferred.

  1. Planning Board Observations:

  • At the November meeting the only Bournemouth Plan was the Durley Chine Visitor Centre on the site of the former Council Depot which were approved

  • John S would watch via Zoom the December meeting

  1. Communications Timetable. The next Newsletter would be issued in January/ February. Ken would liaise with Sally re. printing and distribution as this mailing would include membership reminders,

Civic Voice. Lots of useful information had been received.

  1. Membership Officer’s Report. No report

  2. Webmaster’s Report. All good and up to date, all enquiries being followed up.

11. Treasurer’s Report:

  • Current Account. £35,790.84 (no change from September).

  • Gift Aid Refund. A refund of £97.50 had been received.

  1. Caroline Peach Meeting. The meeting on Friday 6th November:

  • Old Coach House. The owners were being chased to make necessary repairs.

  • Riviera Hotel. At appeal – new plans submitted for 14 flats.

  • Throop Mill. No news.

  • Hicks Farm. The SANG proposals had been rejected.

  • New National Planning Policies. Supposedly simpler! The Council would wait to see.

  • Electric Car Charging Points. Government policy only applied to new vehicles

  • Ashley Road. Site contamination?

  • West Cliff Lift and Pier Landing Stage. Work on these was unlikely.

13 Any Other Business.

  • Barnes Benches. Following Keith’s bequest and a suggestion that his legacy be used to fund a number of benches there was a discussion as to the suitability of sites for ‘Barnes Benches’. It was agreed that Beryl should be consulted with a view of a bench in Queen’s Park near Keith’s home and perhaps another bench in town.

Next Meetings

Mondays 25th January and 22nd February via ‘Zoom’ and starting at 7.00pm – Paul to be responsible for arrangements.

Ken Mantock

25th January 2021 Chairman