Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road, Westbourne 1.00pm on Monday 22nd May 2023 from 1300 to 1345


Present: Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), John Soane (Built Environment Officer), Elaine Cooper, Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary)


Apologies:  Jean-Daniel Kursner, Hilda Brownlow and Phil Stanley-Watts


  1. The minutes of the meeting held on 24th April 2023 were agreed.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes – BCP Council elections earlier this month have seen change of largest party – now Lib Dems rather than Conservatives. Current Bournemouth Mayor and Mayor elect plus Chair of Council, Environment Portfolio Holder and Chair plus Vice Chair of Planning Committee lost their seats. Council meeting tomorrow will see who is appointed Council Leader and then soon after the Cabinet will be appointed and Committee Chair and Vice Chairs voted in by the respective committees.


  1. Built Environment.
  • Firs Glen Road, Fortitudo Redevelopment – Awaiting outcome of plans having been called in by the Secretary of State on advice of Historic England.
  • Southbourne Crossroads Car Park – Secretary of State will not be calling in plans but campaign continues with suggestion that new Council stops sale of land to developers and pays them their costs.
  • Happylands Arcade – Plans for Food and Arts Wellness Centre outlined in The Echo.
  • Bournemouth Town Centre – Bournemouth West MP reported in The Echo earlier this month saying Town Centre was intimidating and unsafe plus the Council had lost sight of the basics – much what BCS has been saying over recent years especially with concerns over the Cleaner, Greener, Safer initiative.
  • 35 Headswell Crescent – John to contact developer who contacted us via website over possible re-siting of suggested building on plot.
  • Tall Buildings Study – Chairman took part in meeting last Wednesday regarding review of Councils Tall Buildings Policy in Bournemouth Town Centre – The consultants are looking at both Bournemouth and Poole Town Centres.
  • Town Centre Shop – Concern in The Echo re state of town centre and empty shops. Suggestion made that Council may have powers heading its way from Government allowing owners of long term empty shops to be  compelled to rent them.


  1. Heritage and Conservation.
  • Blue Plaques Replied to enquiry re list of Bournemouth blue plaques received though website.
  • Coastal Communities, Coastal Voice – Letter of support sent to Bournemouth University for their HLF bid.
  • Churchill Gardens – Friends of Churchill Gardens enquiry. PS-W to follow up
  • Parks Foundation Big Gives Green Match Fund – £11,084 raised.
  • Dorset History Centre – Details of Story of Historic Pageants Talk at BU on 7th June received and circulated.




  1. See John Soane’s written report for April plans.
  • 14 Nugent Road, Southbourne.     No.        7-2023-14661-A

A two storey side extension and a one storey rear extension to a mid- twentieth  century two storey detached house with a two story bay window to the front  with hipped roof above.  Suggest it should be deferred for further consideration and improvement.


  • 15 Rolls Drive, Hengistbury Head      No.           7-2023-28858

Remodel an existing detached one/two storey house built in the fashionable modernist style of the 1960’s-70’s with modern windows of differing sizes and a flat roof. Suggest  that is should be allowed.


  • 43 Carbery Avenue , Southbourne     No.     7-2023-28852-A

This is an application to remodel the principal facades and to add a considerable one storey extension to the rear façade of an early twentieth century two storey Georgian revival style house.  Suggest that it should be deferred for further consideration and improvement.


  • 21 Spencer Road ( between Southcote and Knyveton Roads )   No.  7-2023-1409-B

This is an application to create seven  rather more spacious flatlets in place of the existing nine bed spaces at present provided in this late nineteenth century dwelling  at present used as an HMO.  Suggest that it should be refused.


  • 72 Browning Avenue ( corner of Boscombe Overcliff Drive )   No.   7-2023-15650-B

This application is for the construction of a four storey block of flats in the modernist style in place of a substantial, well designed house standing  in fine gardens, exhibiting double bay windows at the extremities of the front elevation with a hipped roof above.   Suggest that it should be deferred for further discussion and improvement.


  • 240-242 Kinson Road, Kinson       No.       7-2023-28857-A

This is an application to construct four narrow, two storey houses on a combined severed site, two  behind 242 Kinson Road and two behind 240 Kinson Road.  Suggest that it should be refused.


  • 21-29 Spring Road    No.         7-2023-5777-Q

This is an application to build  two pairs of semi-detached houses on the site of disused industrial premises.   Suggest that it should be deferred for further discussion and improvement.


  • 38a-40 Southbourne Grove, Southbourne     No.      7-2023-4882-H

This is an application to construct a three storey, four bedroom dwelling on a severed site to the rear of an existing late nineteenth century retail property – part of Southbourne Grove.  Suggest  that it should be deferred for further improvement.


  • 62 Sunnyhill Road, Southbourne            No.          7-2023-1372-A

This is an application to construct a two storey extension to the existing rear elevation of an early twentieth century house in order to create sufficient extra space to convert the existing property into two separate residential units.   Suggest that  it should be refused.


  • Sandringham House (corner of Exeter Road and Exeter Park Road ) No. 7-2023-1087-V

This is an application to add an extra floor to an existing composite structure of three shops with flats on three stories above that was built in  conventional modernist style during the 1960’s/70’s.  Suggest that  the application should be allowed.


  1. Planning Committee .
  • June – 1st and 15th June at 10am
  • July – 20th July at 10am


  1. Communications Timetable.  As agreed at the February meeting the next newsletter would promote the AGM and that this would take place in Summer or when the Committee had agreed the recommendation it had regarding the future of the society – see item 12.


  1. Civic Voice.  Bulletins received and circulated.



  1. Membership Officer’s Report.
  • Sally – No new members. Reminders will be sent out with next newsletter.



  1. Webmaster’s Report. All  up to date and  all enquiries being followed up. Website domain

       renewal paid.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:
  • Current Account £40,433.76
  • Annual Income and Expenditure report for 2022 completed by Peter and signed off by John the auditor and now on website
  • Trustees Indemnity Insurance certificate received and circulated.
  • Charity Commission – Move to on line accounts for all Trustees – BCS main contact to be Chairman as Treasurer does not wish to take on this role and no other volunteers came forward.


  1. Prospects for the future of Bournemouth Civic Society.


Summary actions since last meeting:


  • Call to arms shared with The Echo and feature appeared on 25th This generated five responses all of which have been replied to by Chairman  but at time of this meeting no further replies had been received to these emails.
  • The Echo feature was also emailed to all members on 11th May and three members, who had already replied to our original call to arms, offered best wishes.


Summary actions prior to last meeting:


  • The 18th March direct call to arms to members said replies were needed by 23rd April so the AGM agenda could be agreed.
  • Call to arms also posted to Bournemouth History Facebook page, but so far not appeared there.
  • Call to arms shared with Radio Solent.
  • Replies previously received from JO, ID, JM, CoL, DC, JW, CB and JP. Further replies received from BK and ER, plus Phil spoke with CM who might be interested.
  • A possible Newsletter Editor volunteer (JA) had come forward. Still awaiting reply if wishes to proceed – may need change of Committee meeting to Wednesdays.
  • The offer to have the monthly committee meetings at Bournemouth Library before or after their Heritage Talks to encourage new members and potentially work logistically for the new Committee remains agreed in principal.
  • It remains imperative that any new committee members / officers need to attend a number of meetings to familiarise themselves with roles and responsibilities and then be nominated by the existing committee at the AGM rather than join and take on roles without any induction.
  • It remains the case that that without new Committee members the Society might have to close and then its remaining funds transferred to another local charity with similar aims and objectives (all to be in accordance with the Charity Commission).
  • Winding up process as per BCS Constitution requires a special meeting where winding up is given notice on the agenda and where two thirds vote in favour of winding up followed by a second meeting 14 days later where a simple majority vote in favour of winding up.
  • It was agreed that should the Society retrench rather than wind up the core activities were the monthly comments on planning applications, general liaison on planning, heritage, environment and development issues, Newsletter and Website – all though needed officers to lead on these matters


Recommendation of  actions agreed at May meeting to report on at the June meeting:


  • Do one final email to members early in June advising of all actions to date and again asking for help.
  • Include in that email the non-members who had responded to The Echo article and ask for help again.
  • If no responses received and it is still impossible to fill the soon to be vacant committee member and officer roles, agree at the June meeting that the BCS begin the winding up process and make arrangements for same via the AGM and the follow on meeting, both to be arranged for Autumn.
  • Make a recommendation to the AGM that the Society’s funds, once all dues are settled, be transferred as a donation to the Russell Cotes Museum. Conversations would take place with the museum to see if they could create a local history room.


  • Any Other Business.
  • Local Plan – News on the latest stages of the Local Plan were due soon.
  • Bournemouth Pier – The National Piers Society had featured the £18m Levlling Up award for improvements to Bournemouth Pier, Seafront and Cliff lift in its recent Newsletter https://piers.org.uk/


Next Meeting


Monday 26th June – 1pm at 18 Sandbourne Road, Westbourne.



                                                                                                                        Ken Mantock              Chairman