Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road, Westbourne 1.00pm on Monday 27th March 2023


Present: Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), John Soane (Built Environment Officer), Hilda Brownlow, Elaine Cooper and  Phil Stanley-Watts


Apologies: Jean-Daniel Kursner and Alex McKinstry


  1. The minutes of the meeting held on 27th February 2023 were agreed.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes – None
  2. Built Environment.
  • Holland House, The Lansdowne – Email received from Nick Hornby, Chris Wilkinson and Mark Gorton who presented to us at the last meeting thanking us for our time and welcoming observations on the plans. As agreed at last meeting our comments would be made at planning application stage but the case for the scheme had been well made during the presentation last month.
  • Beales –Further letters in The Echo regarding the change of use to residential plus we received a letter from a local architect supporting our call for parking on site and protection of public car parks.
  • Lansdowne College   – The remodelling plans for the former Bournemouth and Poole College had been submitted and JS has reviewed them in the monthly digest. They appear sensitive and a positive addition.
  • Southbourne Cross Roads Car Park – The appeal has been allowed and permission granted for the four blocks of flats. Also costs were awarded against the Council. Very disappointing. Local groups still seeking that Council does not sell the site to the developer so the scheme cannot proceed – but likely any abandonment of sale will see Council facing costs from developer since they originally supported the scheme. JS taking part in video.
  • Stour Valley Park – Details of latest proposals/plans circulated and Parks Trust Newsletter circulated.
  • Council – Cabinet Member for Environment and lead on Cleaner, Greener, Safer initiative has resigned after Code of conduct breach.
  • Kings Park – Proposal suggested that Kings Park Bowl Centre be re-purposed as an Ice rink
  • A338 Slip Road to Bournemouth Hospital – Planning Committee last week delegated decision on slip road to Planning Board Chair as decision needed asap to avoid huge cost increases.
  • Shipping Containers on the Prom – As part of Boscombe Regeneration plans shipping containers that will be remodelled as offices/work spaces have been located on the prom.
  • Purple Flag – latest review for Town Centre Management received and to be reviewed.
  • Future Places – Annual Report published by Council but plans for Poole and Christchurch Civic Centres put on hold till after the May elections.
  • Commercial/Avenue Rd – Awaiting planning application for M&S site redevelopment.



  1. Heritage and Conservation.
  • 9 Ravine Road – Plans approved for existing building’s demolition despite NHP policies and local objections. Featured in The Echo.
  • Odeon Cinema, Westover Road – The building is for sale with the benefit of the planning consent for residential/commercial use.
  • Cultural Strategy – Council has published its new strategy.
  • Tourism Strategy – Council has published its new strategy.
  • Nici Hotel – Regeneration and investment of the former Savoy Hotel, West Cliff, continues with the spa recently opened.


  1. See John Soane’s written report for February

38  West  Way   – two semi-detached properties in the form of a large bungalow structure upon a vacant enclosed site with access between two existing properties (nos 38 and 40 West Way )   –  defer for further consideration and improvement.


16 Charminster Avenue   – Demolish an existing garage and  build a new three bedroom house on a severed plot – refuse.


Land rear of 18-20 Uplands Road – Two detached houses on the rear portions of already fully developed sites – defer for further discussion and improvement


Land rear of 20-22 Hankinson Road – Construct two semi-detached and one detached, two bedroomed properties  – Refuse


14 Leigham Vale Road – Extend the rear and side elevations by double and single stories of an inter war, detached house – defer for further discussion and improvement.


Bournemouth and Poole College, Lansdown Campus – The main structure would be divided into three main sections:

  • A central, four storey, classically orientated, rectangular shaped block with a flat roof with a symmetrical structure of recessed, casement windows all half shuttered.
  • A three storey arcaded block the same height as block E facing Meyrick Road and linked to the main block by a short two story section.
  • A lower two storey arched block giving on to Landsdown Road and connected to the main block from the other side by means of a two story link-cum-main entrance designed in modernist style. Part of the latter would be right beside the arcaded façade which would also be overlooked by the blank wall of the upper stories of the main building – including a kitchen chimney and service installations on one side of the flat roof.

Defer for further discussion and improvement.


Old Gaumont Cinema,  37-43 Westover Rd – The construction of up to four extra floors of flats above the entrance façade on the Westover side, instead of the three floor  proposed in the original application.     On the Hinton Road elevation, there would be two extra stories and the existing original  design would be restored – Defer for further discussion and improvement.



  1. Planning Committee .
  • March – 16th March at 10am Phil attended items from Bournemouth where 9 Ravine Road and the A338 Wessex Fields/RBH slip road
  • April – 20th April at 10am
  • May – No meeting
  • June – 1st and 15th June at 10am


  1. Communications Timetable.  A communication to members following up the call to arms in the recent newsletter has been sent to all members by post or email. See item 12.  As agreed at last meeting the next newsletter would promote the AGM and that this would take place in June or July.


  1. Civic Voice.  Bulletins received and circulated. Renewal for received for membership at £1.50 per membership. This agreed.


  1. Membership Officer’s Report.
  • Sally – Renewals coming in slowly. 1 new member.
  • JD – On holiday – but has been contacting Southbourne members re subs and call to arms.


  1. Webmaster’s Report.  All  up to date and  all enquiries being followed up.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
  • Current Account. £40,470.72
  • Trustee Indemnity Insurance. Renewal from 1st May received from Edwards Insurance. £430.81 received. Agreed that we accept and renew this.


  1. Prospects for the future of Bournemouth Civic Society.


Summary since last meeting and responses to the 18th March communication with members:


  • The latest direct and far more specific call to arms to members said replies were needed by 23rd April so the AGM agenda could be agreed.
  • Replies received from JO, ID, JM, CoL, DC, JW, CB and JP.
  • A possible Newsletter Editor volunteer (JA) had come forward. Awaiting reply if wishes to proceed – may need change of Committee meeting to Wednesdays.
  • The offer to have the monthly committee meetings at Bournemouth Library before or after their Heritage Talks to encourage new members and potentially work logistically for the new Committee remains agreed in principal.
  • It remains imperative that any new committee members / officers need to attend a number of meetings to familiarise themselves with roles and responsibilities and then be nominated by the existing committee at the AGM rather than join and take on roles without any induction.
  • It remains the case that that without new Committee members the Society might have to close and then its remaining funds transferred to another local charity with similar aims and objectives (all to be in accordance with the Charity Commission).
  • Winding up process as per BCS Constitution requires a special meeting where winding up is given notice on the agenda and where two thirds vote in favour of winding up followed by a second meeting 14 days later where a simple majority vote in favour of winding up.
  • It was agreed that should the Society retrench rather than wind up the core activities were the monthly comments on planning applications, general liaison on planning, heritage, environment and development issues, Newsletter and Website – all though needed officers to lead on these matters



  • Any Other Business.



Next Meeting


Monday 24th April – 1pm at 18 Sandbourne Road, Westbourne.




                                                                                                                        Ken Mantock              Chairman