Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road at 1.00pm on Monday 28th March 2022

Present: Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), John Soane (Built Environment Officer) and Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary).

Apologies: Ken Mantock (Chairman), Hilda Brownlow, Elaine Cooper, Jean-Daniel Kursner, Alex McKinstry and Phil Stanley-Watts,

  1. Minutes. The minutes for the meeting held on 28th February 2022 were agreed.

  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes.

  • Public Benches in The Square. The bench given by the Society and one other were in place, the remainder were still missing.

  1. Built Environment.

  • Cleaner, Greener, Safer Bournemouth. No reply from Cllr Greene but the Echo featured letters from John Soane and others demanding increased activity from the Council to clean and tidy the Town Centre.

  • Local Plan. Ken had up-dated, and submitted to the Council, the sub-committee report suggesting specific sites of concern areas for change. He had a useful exchange of emails with Cllr Hadley and sent a copy of them to the Echo.

  • Glenferness Avenue Cycle Lanes. See John S’s report.

  • Westover Road. There had been features in the Echo relating to the Council’s bid and retailer’s ideas for the renovation of the area – sounded promising.

  • Boscombe The Council’s had plans for the redevelopment of the area – the Society nee1ded to maintain a watching brief.

  • Southbourne Beach Development. The Planning Committee had rejected plans for flats. J-D had met the Secretary of Southbourne Heritage Forum to discuss this and the Spyglass and Kettle planning application

  • Town Centre. The Council and urban planners ideas for town centre improvements were on display at Beales.

  1. Heritage and Conservation.

  • Keith Spicer Building, Cleveland Road. Still waiting for a reply from the developer, Mike Stead at Bournemouth Library was chasing a reply. The tiled plaque had been cleaned and Jo had given an interview to Dorset Life Magazine

  • Builders of Bournemouth. Ken had sent a review of Colin Harding’s book on the history of George and Harding to him and Colin has agreed to give a talk on his book as part of the Society’s 50th anniversary events – this would be featured in the Newsletter.

  • A to Z of Bournemouth. Bill Hoodless book would be reviewed by Ken and featured in the Newsletter.

  • Civic Society Archives. Alwyn had almost completed the scanning of all the archive material donated by Ian Dickens, the first chairman. The originals would be presented to Bournemouth Library.

  • Local Listing of Buildings. The Society had suggested, as had the Pokesdown Community Forum, that the Council to extend the closing date for nominations No reply despite chases.

  1. Planning. See John Soane’s written reports for February 2022

  • 135 Kingswell Road. An application to demolish a small detached house and replace it with a pair of semi-detached houses with an additional two bungalows at the rear of a long narrow site. The Society considered that this development was unsuitable for the area and should be refused.

  • Templeman House, Leedham Road. A BCP Council plan to replace an old peoples’ home with a block of 27 flats. Details were not yet published and the Society recommends a restrained modern design for this development.

  • 43 Bingham Road. An application a municipal mtraing centre and replace it with a two-storey blck of five flats. Local residents consider the new building to be too big and fear increased traffic flow. The Society recommends that the application be deferred for further consultation.

  • 26 Browning Avenue. An application to demolish an Art Deco/Modernist house and replace it with a pair of semi detached arts and crafts houses designed to appear as a single house. The Society was happy with the design but agreed with local opinion that it was too massive for the site and recommended that the application should be deferred for fur3ther consultation.

  • 153 Irving Road. An application to build two small two-storey detached houses on the site of a large bungalow built in the first half of 20th Century. The Society considered the site to be too small and the presence of two storey buildings inappropriate amidst surrounding bungalows

  • 9 Tower Road. A proposal to extend an existing villa to create 15 bedrooms to be operated as an HMO. The Society questioned whether poor quality accommodation of this sort was needed and recommended that it be deferred for further discussion.

  • 81 Broadway. An application to build a house on the rear section of a site developed as part of a mid 20th Century family home. The house suggested was too large for the site and should be refused.

  • 709 Christchurch Road. A plan to restore and reconstruct an Art Deco commercial building built for the gas company as showrooms. The plan is to restore the retail space and with extensions at the rear create six flats . This is an important building and this sensitive proposal should be allowed.

  • 21 Knole Road. An application to make extensive alterations to provide a HQ for a religious charity. The proposed alterations are completely inappropriate and should be refused.

  • 509 Christchurch Road. An application to build a three storey block of three flats on a vacant site on the corner of Roumelia Lane. The Society objects in principle to the small infill developments butt on this occasion the surrounding dense urban network it would be acceptable subject to further discussion.

  • Glenferness Avenue Pedestrian and Cycle Bridges. The Society agrees that the existing pedestrian bridge is inadequate and the proposed new bridges would be an improvement but considers that the design needed significant improvements and the proposal should be deferred for further discussion.

  • 9 Ravine Road. A proposal to demolish a detached house on a double plot and replace it with two two/three storey detache1d houses. The Society considers that the proposed houses would be out of place and too massive for the site and that the application should be refused.

  1. Planning Committee .

  • March 3rd. No Bournemouth applications

  • March 17th. Southbourne Crossroads flats refused.

  • April 21st

  • May 19th

  1. Communications Timetable. The next newsletter would be published in April/ May

  1. Civic Voice. The Committee agreed that the Society’s membership should be renewed

  1. Membership Officer’s Report.

  • Four couples and two singles, all from BH6, had joined

  • J-D continued to meet groups in Southbourne plus those who had written to comment on forthcoming planning applications.

  • John S offered to represent the Society at the Southbourne Forum relaunch on 22nd April.

  1. Webmaster’s Report. All good and up to date, all enquiries being followed up.

11. Treasurer’s Report:

  • Current Account. £43,355.33

  1. Caroline Peach Meeting. No date yet for the next meeting

  1. Any Other Business.

  • Society 50th Anniversary in 2022. It was agreed that the celebration should include:

  1. Afternoon AGM and Tea at the Miramar Hotel on Sun 24th July at 2pm . A £150 deposit was required. Ken would collect the raffle prizes from Beryl.

  2. An updated version of the 40th Anniversary Booklet (Alex to co-ordinate)

  3. Key Rings for all members had been ordered from Marquee Print at a cost of £759.80

  4. Cllr Nigel Hedges was arranging a tour of the Town Hall for members – date to be confirmed

  5. A talk by Colin Harding on the Builders of Bournemouth at the Savoy Hotel on a date to be confirmed

.Next Meetings

Mondays 25th April and 23rd May at 1pm at 18 Sandbourne Road

Ken Mantock

25th April 2022 Chairman