Minutes of a ‘Zoom’ Meeting of the Committee held at the Invitation of

Paul at 7.00pm on Monday 22nd March 2021

Present: Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Elaine Cooper, Jean-Daniel Kursner, John Soane (Built Environment Officer and Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary,

Apologies: John Barker (President), Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary) Hilda Brownlow and Phil Stanley-Watts.

  1. Minutes. The minutes for the meeting held on 22nd February were agreed.

2. Matters Arising from the Minutes:

  • Barnes Bench. Peter will action when BCP Council able to accept the order

  • Aviary Donation. Peter will action.

  1. Built Environment.

  • Viking Court, 47 Southbourne Overcliff Drive. Ken had emailed the Chair of the Planning Committee chasing a reply to J-D’s earlier email.

  • Friends of Riverside: The Society supported a statement made by the Friends of Riverside and other groups re the A338 link road in the hospital and employment land site at the meeting of the Western Gateway Strategic Transport Plan Group on 17th March. The reply was rather technical and opaque.

  • Boscombe Area Town Development. BCP Council had obtained £22 million Government funding so plans will go ahead. The Society will maintain a watching brief.

  • Transforming Lansdowne. Work had now started on partial Pedestrianisation and the Society had supported the artwork outside the Old Fire Station.

  • Local Plan Study Group Survey. Ken had emailed the Chair of the Planning Committee expressing the Society’s interest in being involved.

  • Lucerne Arch. Work on removing the Arch was now complete. Need to keep an eye on the relocation to a prominent site of the Lucerne Watch.

  • The Regeneration of Bournemouth. The Society needed to study plans and engage with this.

  1. Heritage and Conservation.

  • Throop Mill. Ken would seek information.

  • Blue Plaque for Margo Durrell. Awaiting feedback from Michael Stead at Bournemouth Libraries.

  • Civic Design Awards. Ken had emailed the Chair of the Planning Committee on our idea of sponsoring a new awards scheme.

  • Hicks Farm SANG. John S would check on progress and comment on the plans

  • VCs in Dorset. Rod Cooper’s new book was due out soon and Roger West had been put in contact with him as was keen to see a memorial of the VC holders from Bournemouth.

  1. Planning. See John Soane’s written reports for January:

  • College of Chiropractic. Parkwood Road. The application to demolish the sports hall and replace it with a rehabilitation centre was supported.

  • 16-20a Belle Vue Road. An application to replace four modern bungalows with two twa and a half storey blocks of flats with afootprint3 considerably larger than the existing buildings. This should be refused as it fails to follow the townscape policies.

  • 69a Southcote Road. An application to demolish a workshop and replace it with a one-storey office block and two semi-detached houses. The design is unimaginative and too large for the site and should be refused.

  • 9 Tower Road. An application to extend an existing late nineteenth century house to create a 15 bed HMO. The Society considers that this would degrade the present agreeable appearance of the house and is too large for the site and should be refused.

  • 28 Clowes Avenue. The plan to demolish the existing structure and replace it with a spacious chalet bungalow. The Society thinks the design should be improved and the plan should be deferred.

  • 21 Hinton Road. An application to add two storeys to a former office block already converted for residential use. It fulfils the townscape policies and should be allowed.

  • Mayfield Road (off Coronation Avenue). An application to replace Sanserra House, a retail building with two two-storey family houses. The Society considers that the footprint should be reduced to allow for the gardens to be increases and that the application should be deferred pending further consideration.

  • 18 Methuen Road. An application to build a small chalet bungalow at the rear of a redeveloped historic site. The Society considers that this would be overdevelopment which fails to meet the townscape policies and should be refused.

  • 760-762 Wimborne Road. An application to convert an unused shop into a flat. The area is unsuitable for residential development and this should be refused.

  • 49-51 Old Christchurch Road. An application to convert the former RBS bank into an adult gaming centre. The external architectural features would be preserved and the Society does not object to this development.

  • Chester House, 6 Porchester Place. An application to add two storeys to an existing building. Since this changes the character of the building the Society considers that it should be refused.

  • Former Grand Cinema, Poole Road. An application to create comprehensive gymnastic facilities within this listed building. The Society approves the application in principle but considers that it should be deferred pending further discussion.

  • Bournemouth Hospital. A proposal to build a seven storey extension to create a new main entrance and other departments. The Society does not object to this proposal but considers that the unique low density appearance of the Hospital should be maintained.

  1. Planning Board Observations – Plans for alterations to Richmond Gardens

Car Park were deferred last week.

  1. Communications Timetable. The spring newsletter had been distributed.

  1. Civic Voice. It was agreed that the membership subscription should be paid.

  1. Membership Officer’s Report. No report

  2. Webmaster’s Report. All good and up to date, all enquiries being followed up.

11. Treasurer’s Report:

  • Current Account. £35,696.99

  • Barnes Benches and Aviary. See ‘Matters Arising’ above

  1. Caroline Peach Meeting. No reply to Ken’s email, he would chase.

13 Any Other Business.

  • Douglas Road Planning Application. John S would include in March digest

Next Meetings

Mondays 26th April and 24th May via ‘Zoom’ and starting at 7.00pm – Paul to be responsible for arrangements.

Ken Mantock

26th April 2021 Chairman