Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road

at 2.00pm on Monday 25th March 2019


  1. Present: John Barker (President), Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Hilda Brownlow,  Elaine Cooper, Beryl Parker (Social Secretary), John

Soane (Built Environment Officer and Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary)

         Welcome.  Ken welcomed Kate White to the meeting and welcomed visitors from Nuffield Hospital who were invited to outline the current planning application for alterations and extensions to their Lansdowne hospital.

Nuffield Hospital Presentation.  David from the Bournemouth Nuffield Hospital and Emma from Liz Lean PR explained the need for the hospital to build new operating theatres.  This would be done in the house adjacent to the main hospital building and the buildings would be linked with a bridge which also provided a resuscitation suite.  The existing operating theatres, in the main building would be adapted for other uses.  The committee approved the plans in principle but asked for the bridge design to be altered to make it more in keeping with the adjacent buildings. This meant that the very horizontal features and dark grey appearance be looked at and something far more in keeping with either the adjacent Victorian or 1980s buildings.  David and Emma said they would take these comments to the architect for consideration before the final plans were presented to the Planning Committee, probably in June.


  1. Apologies: Peter Lucas, Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), and James Weir (Heritage and Conservation Officer)


  1.   The minutes for the meeting held on 25th February were agreed.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes:
  • Talk to Southbourne Literary Society.  Ken gave a presentation on the Society to

Southbourne Literary Society on 20th March

  • Bournemouth University Graduate History Project.  Work is in progress and

shaping up well. Mike Sread at Bournemouth Libraries was helping with photos and pictures for the research.


  1. The Planning Policy Steering Group:
  • No news, The status of the Group following the local government reorganisation would be raised at Caroline Peach meeting on 29th March


  1.     Built Environment.

6.1     A338/Wessex Fields.  Plans were approved by the Council, the Secretary of State had

decided not to call the plans in but the decision could be subject to a judicial review

initiated by the Friends of Riverside. The Echo had recently published the Council’s

for a state of the art medical research campus  to develop on Wessex Fields.


6.2    Carillion Oil.  The rig had now gone, oil found would probably be accessed from

Wych Farm, the committee saw no cause for concern as long as environmental and

technical standards were applied.

6.3    Boscombe and Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan.  No news. Elaine had attended the



6.4    Echo Building.  Plans had been amended to take into account objections from

English Heritage and the Civic Society but were recommended for refusal by officers

because of highways issues, consequently they were not discussed by the Planning

Board in March as the item was withdrawn for further negotiation.

6.5    Richmond Gardens.  Plans for the 600+ student flats in  8-15 storey blocks had been

Rejected by the Planning Board.


  1. Heritage and Conservation.
    • Michelgrove House. Agreed to keep a watching brief.
    • Regent Cinema. New plans were being prepared according to an Echo feature. Item to be raised at forthcoming meeting with Caroline Peach.
    • Nuffield Hospital, Lansdowne Road.  See above.


  1. Planning.  See John Soane’s report:
  • Wootton Grange.  The plan to build 41 flats on this site was acceptable, but the

     design was too busy and the architectural treatment needed improvement – defer

  • Royal Arcade, Boscombe.  The plan for shops and flats was an improvement on the

current situation and should be allowed

  •   10 Suffolk Road.  The plan to build 31 flats was a poor design and should be


  • Hotel Rivera, West Cliff Gardens.  The architectural style was good, but the

    building proposed was too massive for the site. Should refused..

  • 10 Seamoor Lane.  Plans were satisfactory and should be approved.
  • 36-36a Soutbourne Road.  The plan for 9 flats contravened the townscape policy

and should be deferred

  • 318-324 Holdenhurst Road.  The plan to build flats and shops to replace the existing

    auto-serving facility provided an improvement to the area.

  • Royal London House.  The planned improvements were welcome and should be


  • 11-21 Commercial Road.  Plans to replace the existing cladding on the entrance to

    the Avenue Shopping Centre provided a welcome improvement and should be



  1. Planning Board Observations.

9.1     54-56 Southbourne Grove.  Change of use to a restaurant,  Approved despite the

    objections of the occupants of the flat above.

9.2     Richmond Gardens Car Park.  Rejected – see 6.5 above

9.3     6a-9a Fitzharris Avenue.  Plan to demolish a house and build a block of flats and a

house was approved.

9.4     914 Russell Road.  Application to change the vehicular access was refused


  1. Communications Timetable.  Material for summer newsletter required by

   30th June


  1. Civic Voice. The newsletter had been circulated.  Ken proposed, Jean seconded

that the Society should renew membership at £1.50 per head.


  1. Bournemouth 2026 Although inactive the Society would renew membership

   and Elaine be chief delegate.


  1. Bournemouth-in-Bloom. No report as Beryl attending a members funeral.


  1. Activities Officer. 

14.1   23rd March.  35 members attended the soup and sandwiches talk.


  1. Membership Officer’s Report. No report as Sally poorly. Beryl still unable

   to access the membership list. Ken to speak with Sally.


  1. Webmaster’s Report. All up to date and enquiries received through web have

been responded to.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Current account £37,616.12.  Lloyds Bank had confirmed

that signatories were The President, The Treasurer, The Vice Chairman and the

Activities Officer.


  1. Any Other Business.

  18.1    Meeting with Caroline Peach.  The next meeting with Caroline Peach would be on

           29th March, in addition to the items listed in sub-para 18.1 of the February Minutes

subjects for discussion would include

  • Wessex Fields
  • The Cinemas
  • West Hill Road Stables


   Next Meetings – Mondays 29th April and 27th May at 18 Sandbourne Road


   The meeting closed at 15.50                     



Ken Mantock

29th April 2019                                                                                           Chairman