Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road

at 2pm on Monday 27th March 2017


Present: John Barker (President), Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), John Soane (Built Environment Officer,), and Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary)


  1. Apologies:  Hilda Brownlow, Elaine Cooper, Beryl Parker (Social Secretary) and James  Weir

   (Heritage and Conservation Officer)


  1. Minutes.  The minutes for the meeting held on 27th February 2017 were agreed.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes.
    •  Waste Management Plan.  Ken reported that this was satisfactory and that only two sites in

    Blandford and Wareham were being suggested.


  1. Local Development Framework. There will be a briefing on the morning of 7th April that Ken

will attend.


  1. Built Environment.

5.1                   Wessex Hotel.  Nothing new and no sign of revised proposal.

5.2                   Belvedere Hotel.  See the report on the meeting with Andrew England (previously circulated).

5.3       Hospital Access from the A338 Spur Road.  Plans seem to be satisfactory but impact on green belt to be more fully considered. A public meting was being called for 7th April.

5.4       Moorside Cottage.  The plans had been deferred. John S agreed to check then and comment as


5.6       Undisclosed Building.  Peter Tisdale of  THAT Group would meet with the Planning Sub-Committee (Ken, John S, James, John B and Elaine on 3rd April at 9.30am to discuss his plans.


  1.   Heritage and Conservation
    • Westover Road Cinemas.
      • Decision on the listing appeal was awaited.  Otherwise nothing new
      • There were currently no known plans for this building
    • Victorian Shelter on West Cliff. £20,000 was needed to carry out necessary renovation and the

Society had been asked for financial support.  Ken would report this to AGM.

  • Golden Anniversary of Conservation Areas. Ken and James would discuss how to mark this.
  • Winton Local Plan. Plans for the former post office and fire station were of concern to the local committee but good progress was being made toward their Local Plan and they were in touch with James and Ken.
  • Pokesdown Local Plan – 860-882 Christchurch Road enforcement remained a real worry. The Local Plan was progressing and the Pokesdown Community Forum AGM was taking place soon






  1.      Comments on Planning Applications.  See John Soane’s report:
    • 10-12 Lorne Park Road. The submitted plan for 15 flats was out of character and like a matchbox on end.  The site would be better developed between the neighbouring Arts and Crafts and modern buildings
    • North Road Coal Yard. The layout for 60 dwellings was OK, but the design of the flats fronting Ashley Road were banal, an improvement to the fenestration would help
    • Adjoining 8 Branksome Dene Road. The submitted plan was to replace a large house with two small, well designed cottages.  There were 51 letters of objection.  This plan was not

appropriate for the area and could lead to a rash of similar proposals for in-filling.

  • 1 Poole Road. An elegant and desirable plan for 15 flats
  • Wharfedale Road. The plans for the former West Station Rail Yard were an inappropriate

mix of residential and commercial properties.  A rethink was essential, this site should be for

commercial not residential development and the existing buildings retained and refurbished.

  • 79 Lowther Road. The proposal for a 6 flat extension would lead to degradation of the area


  1. Civic Society  Planning Sub-Committee.  The Society’s  Sub-Committee did not meet this



  1. Planning Board Observation.  Jean reported that there was just one plan at the last meeting:
    • 194 Charminster Road. The planned extension was approved despite objections
    • Planning Appeals. The success rate of appeals from Bournemouth was better than the national average


  1. Communications Timetable.  Nothing new. Newsletter to Sally for the printers by 30th



  1.   Civic Voice.  Publications had been distributed and annual subscription renewed.


  1. Bournemouth 20/26 .  Ken had renewed the membership for another year online


  1. Bournemouth-in-Bloom.  No report


  1. Activities Officer’s Report.  Jean updated the Committee on the recent talk having spoken

with Beryl this morning

  1. Membership Officer’s Report.  Two deaths had been notified


  1. Webmaster’s Report.  No report


  1. Treasurer’s Report:


  1. Annual General Meeting.  All arranged with John B, Ken and James knowing what to do and

Beryl having confirmed new seating and refreshment needs to hotel.




  1. Any Other Business.

 19.1    Visit to Andrew England.  See John Barker’s report, previously circulated

 19.2    Bournemouth CVS.  Renewal of membership was agreed.

 19.3    Dorset History Network.  A 10th Anniversary meeting would be held in Dorchester on 8th April



  The meeting closed at 15.00                       



Ken Mantock

24th April 2017                                                                                            Chairman