Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road, Westbourne 1.00pm on Monday 26th June 2023 from 1300 to 1400hrs


Present: Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), John Soane (Built Environment Officer), Elaine Cooper, Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary) Jean-Daniel Kursner, Hilda Brownlow, Elaine Cooper,  Phil Stanley-Watts and Alex McKinstry.


Apologies:  None, as all committee were present


  1. The minutes of the meeting held on 22nd May 2023 were agreed.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes – BCP Council now has a new leader (Cllr Vicki Slade) and cabinet including Regeneration (Cllr Mark Howell) and Strategic Planning and Local Plan (Cllr, Margaret Phipps). John wrote to The Echo and Council Leader re grass and verge cutting and had been reminded that such communications, by long convention, had to be approved by the Chairman and/or the Committee before doing so. The Committee retrospectively supported the points that John had made and were content with the general points made in the prompt reply sent by the new Council Leader. John then reported that he had followed up the reply received from the Council Leader by requesting a question on the same matter at the forthcoming Council meeting. It was agreed that John would be speaking as a Bournemouth Resident and not expressing the views of the Civic Society when he raised his question.


  1. Built Environment.
  • Firs Glen Road, Fortitudo Redevelopment –The Secretary of State has allowed the 24 storey development to proceed.
  • Southbourne Crossroads Car Park –New Council has said it will not stop the sale of land to developers and so stop the development allowed on appeal earlier this year. Meeting on 29th with local residents and Tobias Ellwood MP for Bournemouth East.
  • Bournemouth Town Centre – Connor Burns MP for Bournemouth West is running a Build Back Better Campaign based on last month’s comments in The Echo saying Town Centre was intimidating and unsafe plus the Council had lost sight of the basics. House of Frazer plans submitted for student flats, 9 retails units and nightclub. Ken contacted by Echo and comments given.
  • Laureate Building, Holdenhurst Road – Revised plans for a 22 storey block of 247 flats at the former Telecom House site have been lodged.
  • Illegal and Inconsiderate Parking – Fly parking had been experienced in the recent sunny weeks along the whole of the Overcliff from Southbourne to Westbourne. This would be raised with the Council.


  1. Heritage and Conservation.
  • Churchill Gardens – Friends of Churchill Gardens enquiry. PS-W following up query by local residents.
  • Dorset History Centre – Latest bulletin circulated.
  • Southbourne Stir and Shake – The event in Fishermans Walk was discussed and considered to be a great success for providing an event of interest and fun to all ages.


  1. See John Soane’s written report for May plans.

158 Broadway, Hengistbury Head    Ref.  No.     7-2023-28862-A

This is an application to construct a two storey rear extension and alterations to the front façade of a mid-twentieth century chalet bungalow.  Defer for further improvement and consideration.

28 Kingswell Road, East Howe      Ref.     No.        7-2023-14248-C

This is an application to construct a new, semi-detached dwelling  on  the western side of an existing two storey dwelling , created as part of the general suburban extension of north Bournemouth during the mid Twentieth Century.  Suggest it be refused.


127 Belle Vue Road,  Southbourne           Ref.     No.    7-2023-7196-J

This is an application to build a new three storey block of retail premises on the ground floor and two town houses on the two floors above.  Defer for further discussion and improvement.


Garages, Grants Close, near Ashley Road (by Holdenhurst Road )   Ref No. 7-2023-8421-B

This is an application to construct two semi-detached social housing units by  BCP Council on the site of 12  lock up garages.  Defer for further discussion and improvement.


15 Stourwood Road, Southbourne              Ref.    No.        7-2023-19397-C

This is an application to demolish the existing building for a new block of seven flats within a twentieth century neighbourhood  of more traditionally designed bungalows and detached houses.  Suggest it should be refused.


23 Waltham Road (near the new Portchester School, Castle Lane East)  Ref.  No. 7-2023-23105-C

This is an application to construct a three bedroom new, semi-detached dwelling  in the form of a two storey extension to the north west long side elevation of a small, two storey, detached, mid twentieth century house.  Defer for  further consideration and improvement.


105 Castle Lane West        Ref.    No.       7-2023-28751-B

This is an application to build a small detached, one bedroom bungalow  at the rear end of a developed plot at the corner of Castle Lane West and Ruskin Avenue. Suggest it should be refused.


      218 Castle Lane             Ref.    No.                7-2023-16574-B

This is an application to construct   a new, two storey, two bedroom, dwelling house on a totally enclosed site surrounded by developed sites in Castle Lane West and Luckham Road and reached by a private road to Luckham Road.   Suggest it be refused.


251 Castle Lane West          Ref.     No.      7-2023-5926

On first glance the location plan appears to show the plan of an application to build a new bungalow

on a severed site to the rear of the developed site:  251 Castle Lane West.  Suggest it  should be



8 Durweston Close  Muscliff, Castle Lane West      Ref.    No.   7-2023-28298-A

This is an application to build a new detached house  on what is in effect the unbuilt half of a double

plot which is now partly occupied by 8 Durweston Close.  Defer for further discussion and



     Tayfield House, 38 Poole Road  Ref.    No.         7-2023-71-M

This is an application to demolish an existing quite modern block of offices and to construct a six/seven

storey block of 41 flats in contemporary  modernist style.  Suggest it should be refused.


4a,4b,4d, West Cliff Road/93/93b Saint Michael’s Road   Ref.   No.    7-2023-4270-M

This is an application to demolish the existing, late nineteenth century retail premises for a new four storey block containing a retail unit  and eight flats above. Defer for further consideration and improvement.


509A Christchurch  Road ( off Adeline Road ), Boscombe   Ref.    No.      7-2023-6038-J

This is an application to construct a three storey block of one bedroom flats on a severed site to the rear of part of a late nineteenth century block of retail/residential buildings around Boscombe Crescent.  Defer for further consideration and improvement.


74 Green Road, Charminster                   Ref.   No.        7-2023-840-P

This is an application to erect two pairs of semi-detached, two bedroom dwellings and an office building on former industrial premises which take up the equivalent of three residential plots in Green Road.  Defer for further discussion and improvement.


  1. Planning Committee .
  • June – 1st and 15th June at 10am – No Bournemouth Plans
  • July – 20th July at 10am – Phil S-W would attend if any Bournemouth plans were on the agenda.


  1. Communications Timetable.  As agreed at the February meeting the next newsletter would promote the AGM and that this would take place in Autumn or when the Committee had agreed the recommendation it had regarding the future of the society – see item 12.


  1. Civic Voice.  Membership has not been renewed.


  1. Membership Officer’s Report.
  • Sally – No new members.


  1. Webmaster’s Report. All  up to date and  all enquiries being followed up.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:
  • Current Account £39800.18
  • Charity Commission – Move to on line accounts for all Trustees – BCS main contact to be Chairman as Treasurer does not wish to take on this role and no other volunteers came forward.


  1. Prospects for the future of Bournemouth Civic Society.


Summary actions since last meeting:


  • A further and final email was sent on 6th June to all members and also to those who had responded to our feature in The Echo of 25th
  • Six responses were received to that communication with three members wishing us well, but not in a position to join committee, one member might be interested in the Newsletter Editor role and no further response to the replies the Chairman sent to the other two non members who might be interested in joining.


Summary actions prior to last meeting:

  • The Echo feature of 25th April was emailed to all members on 11th May and three members, who had already replied to our original call to arms, offered best wishes.
  • Our 18th March call to arms was shared with The Echo and a feature appeared on 25th This generated five responses all of which have been replied to by Chairman.
  • On 18th March we sent a direct call to arms to members and said replies were needed by 23rd April so the AGM agenda could be agreed.
  • Call to arms also posted to Bournemouth History Facebook page, but so far not appeared there.
  • Call to arms shared with Radio Solent.
  • Replies previously received from JO, ID, JM, CoL, DC, JW, CB and JP. Further replies received from BK and ER, plus Phil spoke with CM who might be interested.
  • A possible Newsletter Editor volunteer (JA) had come forward. Still awaiting reply if wishes to proceed – may need change of Committee meeting to Wednesdays.
  • The offer to have the monthly committee meetings at Bournemouth Library before or after their Heritage Talks to encourage new members and potentially work logistically for the new Committee remains agreed in principal.
  • Spring 2023 Newsletter issued in January advised members that BCS was in peril due to lack of Committee members and asked for help.


Overview of current and previous situation:



  • Currently the Committee is lacking the following Officers: Secretary, Minutes Secretary and Newsletter Editor
  • The current Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Website Officer and two, possibly three, committee members without portfolio will be standing down at the AGM.
  • There have been a few expressions of interest to help, one as Newsletter Editor from an existing member, but all the others have not been followed through and none of these have joined the Society.
  • It was agreed earlier this year and currently remains imperative that any new committee members / officers need to attend a number of meetings to familiarise themselves with roles and responsibilities and then be nominated by the existing committee at the AGM rather than join and take on roles without any induction.
  • It remains the case that that without new Committee members the Society will have to close and then its remaining funds transferred to another local charity with similar aims and objectives (all to be in accordance with the Charity Commission).
  • The Constitution requires for the Committee to be quorate that it has 6 members of which two are officers.
  • The winding up process as per the BCS Constitution requires a special meeting where winding up is given notice on the agenda and where two thirds vote in favour of winding up followed by a second meeting 14 days later where a simple majority vote in favour of winding up.
  • It was agreed that should the Society retrench rather than wind up the core activities were the monthly comments on planning applications, general liaison on planning, heritage, environment and development issues, Newsletter and Website – all though needed officers to lead on these matters.


Discussion and Recommendation at June Meeting:


  • As insufficient offers of help/new committee members have been received it will not be possible to fill the soon to be vacant committee member and officer roles with a quorate committee of 6 members including two officers.
  • There is a possibility that two current officer roles (Membership Secretary and Built Environment Officer) together with two or three of the current without portfolio committee members may retain in position, but this is insufficient for the quorum. There might be a new Newsletter Editor coming forward.
  • As an organisation and a registered charity,  the BCS must have a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Web Master, along with the other three officer roles noted above but there have been no volunteers to take these roles on.
  • It is therefore with great regret  agreed to recommend to the members  that the Bournemouth Civic Society begin the winding up process and make arrangements for same via the AGM and the follow on meeting, both to be arranged for in September..
  • The current committee also agree to recommend to the members at the AGM that the Society’s funds, once all dues are settled, be transferred as a donation to the Russell Cotes Museum. Conversations would take place with the museum to see if they could create a local history room. This having been proposed and seconded, was agreed with nine voting in favour, one abstention and one against.
  • Consequent on the AGM agreeing the recommendation the Charity Commission be advised that the BCS is winding down.
  • And the Society’s historic records be passed to Bournemouth Libraries Heritage Section.


 Any Other Business.

  • KFC Building Lansdowne – Sally noted the KFC at Royal London House had closed, a further empty shopfront on the expensively remodelled Lansdowne Road
  • East Cliff & Springbourne Residents Association – Phil reported he would be attending a forthcoming meeting.


Next Meeting


Monday 24th July – 1pm at 18 Sandbourne Road, Westbourne.

No meeting in August but may need short meeting before AGM in September,



                                                                                                                        Ken Mantock              Chairman