Minutes of a ‘Zoom’ Meeting of the Committee held at the Invitation of The Chairman at 2.00pm on Monday 22nd June 2020


Present: Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Elaine Cooper, John Soane (Built Environment Officer and  Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary)


 Apologies: Hilda Brownlow, Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), Phil Stanley-Watts,

and James Weir (Heritage and Conservation Officer). 


  1. The minutes for the meeting held on 29th February were agreed.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes:
  • 1930s Postcards.  The cards are now loaded on to the Society’s website.
  • 1980s and 1990s Photos.  Ken’s photos from this period are now available on the website, thanks for Alwyn’s work and publicity for this archive is required.
  • AGM on 6th April.  The invitation and subsequent cancellation letter due to the Covid19 outbreak were both distributed in good time.
  • Membership List.  The list has been up-dated to include information received members following the GDPR survey letter sent out with the last Newsletter.
  • Cultural Strategy Meeting on 23rd March.  The meeting was cancelled but Ken completed the questionnaire sent out by BCP Council and been in contact with Leigh Hayler.


  1. Built Environment.
  • Wessex Fields. Awaiting revised plans from the Council.
  • Winter Gardens. Minor improvements to the plan have been approved.
  • 14-20A Belle Vue Road. John S attended the celebrations on 27th February following the appeal dismissal.
  • 23 Commercial Road (former M&S Store). Elaine and John S attended the consultation being hosted by THAT Group at the Hilton Hotel on 28th The plans looked good.
  • 13 Durley Road South. The amended plans were approved and passed by the Council.
  • 5 Woodland Avenue. James sent an objection to the plan on our behalf as reported to us by the Pokesdown Forum
  • BIC Improvements – Public Engagement Event. This will be re-scheduled when Covid 19 permits and Ken will be invited.  BCP Officer is Sue Norman
  • 38 Florence Road. This is likely be redeveloped following the allowing of the appeal relating to No 40. Ken forwarded James an enquiry from the Pokesdown Forum re Article 4 research.
  • Dorset Heathlands Planning Framework. The Supplementary Planning Documents was adopted in April by the Council.
  • Boscombe & Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan. The multi-million pound investment plan being promoted at the moment by the Council was being consulted on over its Vision and Aims. Ken had emailed Ola Wiebe noting the BCS support and the past work undertaken by John S and James and to include us in updates and consultations.
  • Viking Court, 47 Southbourne Overcliff Drive. Plans were allowed by the Council Officers under delegated powers following the refusal of the 2019 appeal.  This did not go to the Planning Board, residents appealed to BCP but it has now been referred to the Ombudsman.
  • Purple Flag – Town Centre Night Time Economy – Jon Shipp has sent to the Steering Group the draft 2020 renewal documents.
  • 983-985 Christchurch Road. Pokesdown Community Form have objected to the loss of these two shops and their conversion to very small flats. J S will review on our behalf.
  • Stourvale Road URC Churchyard. Objections to the plans for building in the grounds have been sent to the Council by  Pokesdown Community Forum and the Society for loss of amenities and impact on the listed building.  Alwyn Ladell’s Flickr archive has a mass of information and old photos which have been shared with PCF.
  • 10 Carbery Avenue. James had received enquiries concerning the plans – referred to John S to investigate on our behalf.
  • Vegetation and lack of Gutter Clearing on Roads.  John S has contacted the Council regarding the overgrown state of roadside and verges. BCP report this due to Covid 19 and need to reallocate resources which we appreciate.  A follow-up email will be sent asking for a speedy resumption of normal cutting and maintenance standards as soon as possible.
  • Suffolk Road.  The Bournemouth Churches Housing Association “outline” redevelopment plans have been  approved by the Council so it is hoped that when to detailed plans are brought forward they are a better design.
  • Bistro on the Beach, Southbourne. John S to check the plans for alterations and redevelopment.
  • Beach House Café, Hengistbury Head.  John S has checked the  plans – see later section.


  1. Heritage and Conservation.
  • Hicks Farm, Throop. John S to review the SANG application and include in next monthly digest.
  • Odeon Cinema. Plans had been approved by the Council, detailed proposals now awaited.  John S and James would check and look for improved design when detailed plans were brought forward.
  • Throop Churchyard. An email had been received via our website enquiring after plaques within the original church (now converted to a house) and development proposals for the grounds. Ken had emailed the Council and we were now awaiting a reply. In the meanwhile the collection of images and info from Alwyn Ladell’s Flickr archive had been passed on to the enquirer and the Council.
  • St Michael’s Church. The Society would support the bid for Heritage Lottery Funds and John S would be our link to the Sue at the church.
  • St Clement’s Gardens. The Society had emailed Caroline Peach at the Council following concerns raised by a  member regarding the external works being undertaken at properties in this Victorian enclave.


  1. See John Soane’s reports:


  • 74-78 Green Road. Plans for 5 houses – defer
  • 4-10 Kemp Road. Plans for 14 houses- refuse
  • 119A Haviland Plans for flats  -refuse
  • 320 Iford Lane. Plans for 4 homes – defer
  • 107 Southbourne Road. Plans for 12 homes  – defer
  • Wingfield Court, Manor Road. Application for two additional storeys –  refuse
  • Liston Hotel, Wollstonecraft Road. Plans for 24 flats – defer
  • 15 Durley Road South. Plans for 25 flats and 6 holiday flats  – support
  • Winter Gardens. Plans OK




  • Templeman House, Leedham Road.  Plans to redevelop the Old Peoples’ Home  -refuse
  • 5 Hamilton Road.  Plans for alterations and extension  – refuse
  • 6 Cardigan Road.  Plans for 18 flats  – defer
  • 11 Florence Road.  Plans for 9 flats –  refuse
  • White Farm, Talbot Village.  The Society supports this.




  • 21 Knole Road. Plan for 2 extra flats –  defer
  • 117A-119A Haviland Road. Plans for flats  – refuse
  • URC Burial Ground, Southbourne Road. Plans for dwelling – refuse
  • Fairview House, Hinton Road. Plans for 40 flats  – defer
  • 1 Lorne Park Road. Plans for 37 studio flats  – refuse
  • Belotte Motors, Melbourne Road. Plan to convert garage to flats – refuse
  • 12 Foxholes Road, Southbourne. Plans for 6 flats  – defer
  • 116-120 Old Christchurch Road. Plans for an extra floor of flats  – defer
  • 164 Alma Road. Plans for a 2 storey extension –  refuse




  • 9 Castle Road. An application to build 4 3-storey dwellings.  This fails to comply with the BCP townscape policies and should be deferred for improvement
  • 29 Iford Lane. An application to build a single/two storey extension does not comply with the townscape policies and should be deferred for clarification and improvement
  • 983-985 Christchurch Road. An application to convert shops into apartments. Local residents consider the plans unsuitable and  It fails to meet BCP townscape policies and should be refused.
  • 17 West Cliff Road. Revised, but very similar plans, should be deferred for further improvement
  • 657-659 Christchurch Road. A plan to replace a 19th Century bank with a 5 storey modernist block of 5 flats.  It fails to comply with BCP townscape policies and should be refused.
  • 3 Beechey Road. A plan to convert a late 19th Century house into 9 flats.  It would integrate with surrounding properties and could be approved
  • 96/98A Malvern Road. A plan to create a pair of semi-detached houses and a block of 5 flats. There are too many flats and they are too small so it should be deferred for amendment.
  • 1008B Wimborne Road. A plan for a three storey block of 8 flats on the pub car park looks ok.
  • 10 Carbery Avenue. A plan for a three storey block of four maisonettes o the site of a house was out of character and so should be refused
  • 983-985 Christchurch Road. A plan to create two new very small flats by the conversion of former shop/office was should be refused.
  • 10 Suffolk Road. The application by Bournemouth Churches Housing Association to demolish a 20th Century Hostel and replace it with 31 flats in a 6 storey block for working people of limited means.  This should be deferred pending appropriate alterations to the design
  • Beach House Café, Mudeford Spit. A plan by BCP council to replace a fire-damaged café/restaurant.  This should be deferred to permit design improvements.


  1. Planning Board Observations:

These meetings were ‘virtual’ due to the Covid 19 restrictions and were/would be  observed by:

12th March – Jean

2nd April – Elaine

May – John Soane

June – John Barker/Elaine

July – Sally will observe or attend as appropriate


  1. Communications Timetable.  The date for items to be included in the Summer Newsletter should be with Ken by the end of July.


  1. Civic Voice. Membership and insurance renewals were completed in March and the Covid 19 questionnaire was completed by Ken.


  1. Activities Officer. 
  • Planned 2020 Events. All events were cancelled following the Covid 19 outbreak and Ken had contacted the hotel to cancel the AGM and the Christmas Lunch.
  • Presentation to Activities Secretary Beryl Parker A Rose and Bowl to mark Beryl’s long and valuable service to the Society was presented to her by Ken at home  (following the cancellation of the AGM) and once possible a photo of the gifts and Beryl would be taken for the website.


  1. Membership Officer’s Report.
  • GDPR forms and emails received from members had been used to update the membership list.  Details of recent deaths and house moves had been passed to Sally.


  1. Webmaster’s Report. The host used by the Society had failed so the website was moved to ‘Sitelong’ which was proving to be very satisfactory.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:
  • Current Account. The balance in the current account was £36,254.78
  • Keith Barnes Estate. The probate value of a property owned in London  was £477,000 but it has been now re-valued at £520,000.  Subsequently an offer for this property at £600,000 had been received so the Society (along with 12 other charities) had agreed to its sale.


  1. Caroline Peach Meeting. A date for the next meeting has yet to be agreed.

 Jean and Elaine would liaise to establish agenda and whether meeting would be via   Zoom or socially distanced at or near the Town Hall.


  1. Any Other Business
  • Peter Challen. The Society noted with sadness the death of Peter Challen Bournemouth Council’s former Borough Planning Officer and later Director of Development Services.
  • VE Day. John S’s recollections of VE Day were featured in the Echo
  • Healthy Homes Act – Elaine would forward information from the TCPA so this could be featured in the meeting with Caroline Peach.


   Next Meetings – Mondays 27th July and 24th August, probably via ‘Zoom’ and at a time to be confirmed due to Ken’s new job.


      The meeting closed at 14.40



Ken Mantock

27th July 2020                                                                             Chairman