Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road

at 2pm on Monday 26th June 2017


Present: John Barker (President), Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Hilda Brownlow, Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), Beryl Parker (Social Secretary), John Soane

(Built Environment Officer,) and Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary)


  1. Apologies:  Elaine Cooper and James Weir (Heritage and Conservation Officer),
  2.   The minutes for the meetings held on 22nd May were agreed


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes.  There were no matters arising
  2. Local Development Framework.  The next meeting will be on 4th September when matters to

be discussed will include Community Infrastructure Levy and the Poole Local Plan


  1. Built Environment.

5.1       Hospital Access from the A338 Spur Road.  Plans go to the Planning Committee on 17th July.  The new access will permit industrial/commercial development on the already designated Wessex Fields site.  From the information given at the recent Andrew England meeting there appears to be no likelyhood of direct access from Throop/Holdenhurst Village and so the fear of opening up of green belt land for development is very unlikely. However, the Society would oppose Phase II as it offers the possibility of opening up currently protected land.

5.2       Moorside Cottage.  Nothing new, the owners remain reluctant to carry out necessary repairs.

5.3       Wharfedale Road Business Units.  The plans for the proposed training centre have been turned down but a new plan has been submitted along similar lines so the original objection regarding loss of commercial/employment use stood.

5.4       Branksome Hill Road.  Awaiting Planning Board consideration but as the plans were even bigger likely to be rejected again.

5.5       3 Wickham Road.  Application for flats has been refused,  Conversion of existing preferable

5.6       Belvedere Hotel.  Demolition of derelict hotels scheduled for early autumn and new development thereafter.

5.7       Wessex Hotel.  Planning Board has approved demolition despite pleas from dancing clubs – replaced

            with budget hotel and two blocks of flats.  The belvedere tower should be removed and retained as a feature in the grounds.

5.8       Durley Road Car Park.  The Planning Board had refused the suggested flats.

5.9       18 Knole Road.  . Too big a building.


  1.   Heritage and Conservation.
    • Westover Road Cinemas. Awaiting reply from English Heritage.
    • 80 Christchurch Road. The windows needed retaining in timber not replacing in upvc.
    • Victorian Society Buildings at Risk Register. The Society was concerned about buildings at risk including Throop Mill, the Cliff End Hotel and the former shop in Holdenhurst Road.
    • Lansdowne College. The removal of the Buddleia was imminent and thanks to James for chasing.
    • BNSS HQ, Christchurch Road. A letter of support for their bid to HLF for assistance with repair works  of the lantern had been sent.


  1.        See John Soane’s report:
    • 17A Christchurch Road. A new student block – too tall, remove the top two floors
    • 130 Alumhurst Road, corner Sandbourne Road. The proposed 3 detached and 2 semi-detached

houses was excessive.  Two large houses would be more suitable, or convert the existing.

  • 2 Benellen Road. The proposed 2 houses should be permitted
  • 570 Wimborne Road (Old Fire Station). The proposal for retail and flat development was

inappropriate and the extension should be refused

  • 114 – 120 Charminster Road. The proposed extension to the rear was excessive
  • 17 Old Christchurch Road. This copy-cat speculative development was an over development
  • Wootton Gardens/Bath Road. The proposed student block should be redesigned with a more

            sensitive approach


  1. Planning Sub-Committee.  The Planning Sub-Committee did not needed to meet.


  1. Planning Board Observations.  See 5.7 and 5.8 above


  1.  Communications Timetable.  Items to John Barker as soon as possible


  1.    Civic Voice.  Newsletter distributed
  2. Bournemouth 2026   No report.


  1. Bournemouth-in-Bloom.  Ken would personally support the West Cliff project and support

for the Lansdowne project would be sought through the website and Hilda and Jean would  also



  1. Activities Officer’s Report. 
    • 2018 AGM. This would be at the Connaught Hotel on 9th April (2nd April is Easter Monday)

Beryl would invite Martyn Underhill to be the speaker.  Round tables, refreshments on arrival as

this year but refreshments on each table to avoid queuing and mishaps.

  • Christmas Lunch. This would be at the Connaught Hotel on 16th December with entertainment

from the Southern Union Chorus

14.3    Monthly Lunches at the Hinton Firs Hotel: 7th October, 9th November (Felicity Herring), 17th February, 24th March (Colin Van Geffen) and 28th April (Martin Stewart).


  1. Membership Officer’s Report.  Nothing new.


  1. Webmaster’s Report.  The draft website should be operational by mid July


  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Current account – £548.08; CAF account – £7,409.51




  1. Any Other Business.

 17.1    Visit to Andrew England.  See John Barker’s Report re the mmeting on 9th June.  Next meeting on

            Friday 8th September

17.2    Visit from SS Waverley and SS Balmoral.  It was regrettable that, due to the need to repair the

            landing stage on the pier there would be no visit in 2017 – first miss in 75 years.


18       Next Meetings.  The next meeting would be on 24th July, no meeting in August, then 25th September


  The meeting closed at 15.24                       



Ken Mantock

24th July 2017                                                                                              Chairman