Minutes of a ‘Zoom’ Meeting of the Committee held at the Invitation of

Paul at 7.00pm on Monday 26th July 2021

Present: Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Elaine Cooper, John Soane (Built Environment Officer and Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary,

Apologies: John Barker (President), Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary) Hilda Brownlow, Jean-Daniel Kursner, and Phil Stanley-Watts.

  1. Minutes. The minutes for the meeting held on 28th June were agreed.

2. Matters Arising from the Minutes. No matters arising.

  1. Built Environment.

  • Boscombe Area Town Development. Awaiting news. John S would comment on the draft proposals document ready for next month’s meeting.

  • Cleaner, Greener, Safer Bournemouth. Ken contacted Cllrs Anderson and Haynes again, reply awaited. There was a good response to John S’s letter to the Echo. It was hoped that due to many letters of criticism about the reduced grass cutting policy and the scruffy look of some parts of the town that the policy will be reviewed.

  • Parks and Green Spaces. The Society needs to submit its’ response to the consultation on the Green Infrastructure Strategy

  • Stour Valley Park and Hicks Farm. The Society would now support the Council’s proposals for the area subject to tight management controls – See item 5 below.

  • Purple Flag. Further information concerning the strategy brief had been received and progress was being made.

  • Bobby’s Store. The store would open soon and an interesting article had appeared in The Echo

  • Lansdowne. The first phase of Pedestrianisation was nearly complete.

  • Seafront Strategy. There would be consultation on 5th August and 8th September. Ken would do 8th Sept and Elaine or John S 5th August.

  • Local Plan. There would be consultation after the July 28th Cabinet meeting – we will set up a sub-committee to review the consultation document.

  1. Heritage and Conservation.

  • Blue Plaques. Still waiting for a response.

  • VCs in Bourneouth and the WW1 Indian Hospital in the Town Hall. A proposal for an information plaque in the Town Hall Reception funded by Roger West was being taken forward.

  • Civic Design Award Scheme. This would be discussed at the August meeting with Caroline Peach.

  • St Clement’s Church. Was the Church closed? Elaine would investigate further.

  • St Stephen’s Church. Roger West was providing photos for the website and contacting AUB.

  • 5 Woodland Avenue. Redevelopment was rejected on appeal – good news indeed.

  1. Planning. See John Soane’s written reports for June:

  • 908 Castle Lane East. An application to build a three storey block of 12 flats on the site of a much smaller detached residence. The Society considered that the design of the building should be reduced with a maximum of 6 flats and that this application should be refused.

  • 27 Glenville Road. An application to build an extremely small two storey house on a narrow rectangular site at the rear of the house but accessed from Columbia Gardens. This would be an overdevelopment and infringe the townscape policies of the Council and should be refused.

  • 263 Charminster Road. An application to modernise and better integrate two existing shops to create a restaurant. The Society considered this to be a sensible adaption of an older building to suit modern needs and should be allowed.

  • Granville Works, Robert Louis Stevenson Avenue. A proposal to replace existing industrial buildings with a block of 12 one bedroom flats on interior land behind terraced houses fronting Robert Louis Stevenson Avenue. The Society considers the plan to be1 too massive for the site and should be refused.

  • 866 Ringwood Road. An application to build a two-storey block of 5 flats for the disabled. The Society considers that this should be allowed

  • 46 Northcote Road. An application to build two houses on an unused amenity site between a residential terrace on Northcote Road and the railway. The Society considers this application should be deferred to consider a more suitable design.

  • 981 Wimborne Road. An application to use a vacant site to extend an existing retail/residential terrace and create 5 flats. The Society considers that this development should be allowed.

  • 9 Chessel Avenue. An application to extend a partially constructed family home to form a pair of semi-detached homes. The Society considers that the design, particularly the fenestration at the rear should be improved and the application should be deferred for further consideration.

  • 24-28 Ferncroft Road. An application to build three bungalows in the gardens of 24-28 Ferncroft Road. The built footprints would take the bulk of the available land. This would be over-development and should be refused.

  • Liston Hotel, Wollstoncraft Road. An application to build a five storey block of 33 flats on the site of the hotel. The Society considers that the design should be modified to make it more in keeping with the area and deferred for further consideration.

  • Hicks Farm, Throop. See Built Environment above. On balance we will support the proposal as the benefits of protecting the land and area from residential building outweigh negative impacts.

  1. Planning Board Observations. No report.

  1. Communications Timetable. The next newsletter would be the Christmas


  1. Civic Voice. Civic Voice was continuing its campaign on the Planning Bill

  1. Membership Officer’s Report. Three new members and several who need chasing up as have not paid this years subscription.

  1. Webmaster’s Report. All good and up to date, all enquiries being followed up.

11. Treasurer’s Report:

  • Current Account. £45,256.28.

  1. Caroline Peach Meeting. The next meeting would be at 2pm on 13th August – Jean to collate agenda. Post meeting note: Agreed not to meet but send CP list of issues so these can be responded to by email.

  1. Any Other Business. There was no other business.

Next Meetings

Monday 23rd August via Zoom at 7pm. 27th September – venue and time for the September meeting to be confirmed later – might be in person rather than Zoom.

Ken Mantock

23rd August 2021 Chairman