Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road

at 2pm on Monday 24th July 2017


Present: John Barker (President), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), Beryl Parker (Social Secretary), John Soane (Built Environment Officer,) James Weir (Heritage and Conservation Officer), and Paul Newsome

(Minutes Secretary)


  1. Apologies:  Ken Mantock (Chairman), Hilda Brownlow, and Elaine Cooper
  2.   The minutes for the meetings held on 26th June were agreed


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes. 
    • College Buddleias. Early action to remove them has been promised!


  1. Local Development Framework.  No report


  1. Built Environment.  No report
  2.   Heritage and Conservation.
    • Regent Cinema (ex Odeon). An outline scheme for conversion to an Arts Centre has been produced making flexible use of the space.  The only major construction would

be for a new roof.

  • 80 Old Christchurch Road. The windows needed retaining in timber not replacing

in upvc.  A reply from the Council is awaited.

  • 17 Stourwood Avenue. This building is not listed but its demolition would be a tragedy.  The Council is unsure and more information is needed


  1.        See John Soane’s report:
    • 1A Warren Edge Road. A plan to replace a bungalow with six semis – two at front, one at rear.  This is too much for site and rear semis should be replaced with single

dwelling.  Ground floor windows should be redesigned.

  • 7 East Overcliff Drive. The revised proposal is similar to the already rejected

original and is totally inappropriate for this position

  • 17 Stourwood Avenue. See above,  Wrong style, too big and out of place
  • Florence Road. The existing building should be adapted, not demolished
  • 25 McKinley Road. The proposed additional extension would create a shapeless

building, inappropriate to the area.  Should be refused.

  • Tregonwell Road. A totally inappropriate replacement of the existing building
  • 7 Beechwood Avenue1. The post-modernist design would be the first degradation of

this road

7.8       95 Palmerston Road.  The proposed flats would be wrong for this site


  1. Planning Sub-Committee.  The Planning Sub-Committee did not need to meet.


  1. Planning Board Observations.  The Board was scheduled to meet at 2.30 but met          in the morning!


9.1       Observer’s Rota:- August Sally, September Jean?, October Sally


  1. Communications Timetable.  Newsletter in production


  1.  Civic Voice.  Nothing new
  2. Bournemouth 2026  No report.


  • Bournemouth-in-Bloom.  B in B had not yet received promised payments


  1. Activities Officer’s Report. The new programme had been passed to John B


  • Membership Officer’s Report.  Nothing new.


  • Webmaster’s Report.  The website is operational with positive feedback


  • Treasurer’s Report:  Current account – £337.09 (not including recent payments

to the account by Beryl; CAF account – £7,409.51


  1. Any Other Business.

 17.1    Visit to Andrew England.  Next meeting on Friday 8th September – items to be discussed to include Bournemouth Pier, Moorside Cottage, The Retail Capacity Study Group’s report, Belvedere Hotel, The Council’s perception on the development of the Westover Road cinemas, Upper Terrace Road car park, Wessex Fields, AFC Bournemouth stadium.  Additional items as notified to Jean


18       Next Meetings.  The next meeting would be on 25th September at St Peter’s Church


  The meeting closed at 15.07                      



Ken Mantock

25th September 2017                                                                                   Chairman