Minutes of the Bournemouth Civic Society Executive Committee Meeting of 27th January 2020 2.30 to 4.15pm at St Peter’s Church, Bournemouth.


John Barker (President), Ken Mantock (Chairman), Beryl Parker (Social Secretary), John Soane (Built Environment Officer), Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), Hilda Brownlow and Philip Stanley-Watts

Apologies for Absence:

Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), James Weir (Heritage and Conservation Officer), Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary) and Elaine Cooper

Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the meeting held on 25th November 2019 were agreed to be a true and accurate record.

Matters Arising:

1930’s Postcards and Ken’s Archive of Photos from the 1980’s and 1990’s

Alwyn had uploaded the postcards of Bournemouth received from Australia on the Flickr website under the Bournemouth Civic Society page and Ken had presented the originals to Michael Stead at Bournemouth Library. This had been featured in the recent Newsletter. Ken had also passed to Alwyn a collection of photographs he had taken around Bournemouth during the 1980s and 90s so these could also be uploaded and then passed to Bournemouth Library.  Once completed some publicity would be arranged for the Library, Civic Society and Alwyn’s Flickr archive.

Elaine’s Book on her Mayoral Year

An enquiry about Elaine’s recently published book had been received through the Civic Society website and followed through. It was agreed to put flyers on Elaine’s and John B’s books on to the website

Annual General Meeting 6th April 2020

James has been approached by Ken and asked if he can deliver the Bournemouth Little Theatre Club talk he gave at their recent anniversary event to the forthcoming AGM. Once confirmed Sally will arrange for AGM notice to be sent to members.

Committee List

Philip provided his contact details and so the up to date listing would be available on the website.

Built Environment

Wessex Fields

It was noted that a BCP Council Consultation meeting had taken place on 7th January. It was agreed to support the Friends’ of Riverside request that the Council be asked to revoke phase two of the road proposals thus omitting the flyover and incursion into the Holdenhurst Conservation Area.

Winter Gardens

No news on the scheme now it had been fully passed but a watching brief would be maintained.

Bayview Development Plans for Cambridge Road

John S had attended the recent consultation event for proposals for residential redevelopment in Cambridge Road. The principle of development was accepted but design changes and improvements were necessary and it seemed these might be forthcoming.

14-20A Belle Vue Road

The two appeals for redevelopment in Southbourne had taken place on 7th January with many local residents attending and supporting the efforts of the Southbourne Heritage Forum. John S attended and spoke on the Society’s behalf. He was hopeful from all that had been said by the various parties that the appeals may be dismissed.

Dorset Heathlands SPD

Consultation was currently running through to 3rd February on an updated supplementary planning document for protecting Dorset Heathlands. The proposals were considered acceptable.

Richmond Gardens Car Park Development

Revised plans had been submitted by the developers and the Society had been asked for its views following the meeting a few months ago. See comments under December’s Planning Digest heading.

40 Wordsworth Avenue

Further plans had been submitted for a conservatory feature and the Society had again been contacted by a neighbour seeking help. See comments under December’s Planning Digest heading.

Heritage and Conservation

Grand Cinema Westbourne

Revised plans for converting the building to a gym had been submitted. John S would check them and include in a forthcoming monthly digest. It was hoped they would not be so damaging to the interior of this listed building as the first proposal was.

Hicks Farm, Throop

Consultation was taking place on the proposed SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Green area) here to offset the impact of the Winter Gardens redevelopment. The Society’s views on this had been expressed in the recent newsletter. John S would keep an eye out for the actual planning application for Hicks Farm and include in a forthcoming Digest.

Throop Mill

An enquiry had come via the Society’s website asking if we knew that Throop Mill was up for lease according to a notice on display outside. Ken had phoned the agents Ellis and Partners but to date no one had called him back.

Westover Road Cinema’s

There was little news as to what was happening with plans for redevelopment here so the item would be added to the agenda of the forthcoming meeting with the BCP Design Officer.

CAMRA Historic Pub Interiors

An enquiry had been received through the Society’s website asking for nominations to CAMRA for historic pub interiors in the conurbation. Having shared the email with Bournemouth Library several good ideas and suggestions had been received that had been passed on.

Book on Tuckton

Arising from the CAMRA enquiry an email and telephone had taken place with Alex McKinstry who was writing a further book on Tuckton and was keen to contact the Society’s founding Chairman Ian Dickins re the 1970’s fight to save the fine arts and crafts villa at 108 Belle Vue Road from demolition . Ken had put the two in contact and had suggested that Alex could give a talk to the Society when the book was published.

Former Christian Science Church, Christchurch Road, East Cliff

An enquiry had been received through the Society’s website regarding the presence of a Compton organ in the former CS Church ( listed building and now used as a language school). The listed building description did not mention an organ but Sally would check through colleagues who specialised in Compton organs.

Planning Digest November

John S presented his summary of observations and it was agreed to send BCP Council’s Planning Committee the following observations:

  • 24 Dean Park Road – Conversion and extension to create 14 flats – defer for a better scheme
  • 3 Parkwood Road – Conversion and extension to create 5 flats – refuse
  • 47 Southbourne Overcliff Drive –Redevelopment to create a four storey block of 10flats – refuse
  • 1698-1700 Wimborne Road – Redevelopment as two blocks of 16 flats – defer for better scheme
  • 5-7 Clarendon Road – Redevlopment to create 2 blocks with 8 and 11 flats – Refuse but suggest single smaller block of well designed flats.
  • Meyrick Lodge, 20 St Anthony’s Road – Alterations to listed building – support.
  • 53 Cavendish Road – Redevelopment to create 3 storey block of eight student flats for 24 people – defer and suggest smaller scheme for permanent residential occupation.
  • 116-120 Old Chrischurch Road – Addition of mansard roof to create six new flats – support.

Planning Digest December

John S presented his summary of observations and it was agreed to send BCP Council’s Planning Committee the following observations:

  • Richmond Gardens Car Park – Development of 200+ flats of varying heights – support as a much better design than the previous scheme that was rejected by the Planning Committee and was now going to appeal.
  • Christadelphinian Centre, Knyveton Road – Redevelopment to create new medical centre and flats – refuse and request better designed scheme.
  • 40 Keswick Road – Redevelopment of bungalow for a large house – refuse
  • 212 Castle Lane West – Redevelopment of a bungalow for a block of six flats – defer for better design
  • 40 Wordsworth Avenue – Creation of conservatory at first floor level – refuse
  • 10a, 11 and 11a The Triangle – Replacement of workshop and residential unit – refuse

Planning Board Observations

The December meeting had been cancelled and the January meeting had been missed. Philip volunteered to attend the net meeting as Civic Society observer. It was noted with relief and support that the BCP Planning Board had recently agreed that future meetings not float between Christchurch, Poole and Bournemouth but all would be held in the middle of the conurbation at Bournemouth Town Hall.


The Christmas/New Year Newsletter had been written by Ken and posted out by Sally before end of 2019. The AGM calling letter would go out around the end of February/early March.

Civic Voice

All the recent weekly communications and news on campaigns had been circulated around the committee and interested parties.


Christmas Lunch

Beryl reported that the Christmas lunch had a good attendance after she chased up usual attendees via messages and Christmas cards. Those who attended thought it was a real success and thanked Beryl, who had been very poorly at the time, for all she did to make the day. The only discordant note was that despite pre-ordering meals three people changed their minds and so meals meant for others did not appear and they were offered a poor substitute. Beryl had tackled the hotel, since the waiters should not have allowed menu swapping on the day.

Soup & Sandwich Talks

Beryl reported that 28 people attended the last talk which was held at the Elstead Hotel and it proved a great success despite the original speaker pulling out at short notice for family reasons and a new speaker being found quickly who gave an enthralling talk on bees. She would also help promote publicity at the talks of John Jones’ “Bournemouth and Beyond trips”. The Soup and Sandwich talks that had taken place at The Fircroft Hotel had been well received by the attendees but the poor or non-existent support from the hotel who had been hit by a staffing incident had created huge problems for Beryl and she was thanked for overcoming what could otherwise have been a complete disaster.


Sally reported two new members and two members who had moved away and so resigned. Ken noted that he and Debbie had created two spreadsheets for the Life and Annual Members Lists and Sally and Beryl would check these so that a definitive list could be created with telephone numbers and emails where known. Once the current annual renewal process was completed Ken and Debbie would update the list and then Ken would write to all members informing members of the Society’s GDPR policy (members details would never be shared with third parties and only used to service their membership) and asking for telephone numbers and emails if they were currently not held.


The website was all up to date and only the link to the Flickr archive plus updated Committee listing were to be completed.

Treasurer’s Report

£36,901.98 in the account.

Agenda Items for February Meeting with Caroline Peach – BCP Council Design Manager

Topics to include the following:

  • East Cliff Lift
  • Westover Road Cinemas
  • Hicks Farm and Throop Mill
  • Wessex Fields and A338 Road Works
  • Lansdowne Pedestrianisation
  • Castlepoint Car Park
  • Retail and Town Centre Shopping Areas – Beales etc
  • Boscombe Arcade
  • Goats on the Cliffs and unsightly secondary fencing
  • Planning Policy – Will there be a new Planning Policy Steering Group?
  • Boscombe Overcliff Drive – unsightly netting and photocells on roof top
  • New Water Park near Hurn
  • Cladding to new high rise buildings in the conurbation especially in the Lansdowne

Any other Business

Talks on Bournemouth Mayor’s Regalia

Information received on talks given in the Mayor’s Parlour had been circulated and welcomed. Philip noted that he was keen to promote Bournemouth’s civic heritage and encourage more people to become involved.

A Cultural Strategy for Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole

A meeting was taking place on 23rd March at Poole Lighthouse t which Society representatives were encouraged to attend.

Dates for forthcoming meetings

24th February and 23rd March – 2pm at 18 Sandbourne Road, Westbourne.