Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road

at 2pm on Monday 26th February 2018


  1. Present: John Barker (President), Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice

Chairman), Hilda Brownlow, Peter Lucas, Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary),      Beryl Parker (Social Secretary), John Soane (Built Environment Officer, and

Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary)


  1.  Apologies:   Elaine Cooper and James Weir (Heritage and Conservation Officer)


  1.      The minutes for the meeting held on 23rd January were agreed.


  1.    Matters Arising from the Minutes. 
  2.    The Planning Policy Steering Group.  The Group met on 5th February:
    •   Bournemouth Local Development Scheme.  The Scheme was reviewed with dates

     for  public consultation over Summer 2018 of individual policies agreed and an

outline of the following examination and adoption stages noted. Responses received in

the recent consultation re Green Belt, Housing, Employment land and HMO policy

would be fed into the next stages.

  •  Neighbourhood Planning.  Plans for Queens Park and Boscombe and Pokesdown

     were being progressed.

  •  Trial Drilling in Bournemouth Bay – Corallian Energy plans had been discussed

     and objections to the timing of the trials plus concerns about the impact of the works

were being made.

  •  Heritage & Conservation.  Town Centre, East and West Cliff Conservation Area

           reviews were in hand.


  1. Built Environment. 
    • A338/Bournemouth Hospital. The Society’s views had been submitted.  It was agreed that it would be better for this to go to Call In decision rather than local Council
    • 140 Alumhurst Road. This matter is now with the Planning Inspectorate  but continued unauthorised building works were taking place which local residents where chasing through the Council. It was agreed to raise this at the next meeting with Andrew England.
    • 36-36A Southbourne Road. The plans for flats should be refused
    • 116-123 Christchurch Road. The plans for flats were of questionable quality
    • Belle Vue Road/Newstead Road. John S, Ken and James were supporting the local residents in their campaign against an overblown redevelopment of several bungalows with a huge block of retirement flats and the request to Council for consideration of a Conservation Area and local listed building status for adjacent/nearby well preserved Victorian and Edwardian buildings. It was agreed to raise this at the next meeting with Andrew England.
    • Lucerne Arch. There was a suggestion from Cllr Hedges  that the Lucerne Arch should be removed because of  the unauthorised use by rowdy buskers, anti-social people and the mess made on the roof and below by pigeons.  It was noted that Arch obscured the view of the listed Arcade. After discussion on the pros and cons of retaining the arch or resiting it as part of wider streetworks associated with the Beale Place pedestrianisation it was agreed as follows: retain but increase policing of anti social behaviour 5 votes, relocate 3 votes, no view either way 1 vote. It was unanimously agreed that if the Council did remove or resite the Arch at all costs the Lucerne clock and slab should be preserved in a prominent place ie at the Pavilion, in Westover Road or in The Square.


  1.   Heritage and Conservation.
    • Westover Road Cinemas. No significant change and news awaited regarding appeals dates.
    • Grand Cinema (Bingo Hall) Westbourne. Wetherspoons had expressed an interest
    • Cliff End Hotel. James had submitted an objection on behalf of the Society
    • Boscombe and Pokesdown. 31st January meeting considering the local plan
    • Heritage and Character Buildings – John B and Elaine attended a meeting on 19th


  1.        See John Soane’s report:
    • 71-81 Seabourne Road (Warehouse). There was a choice of designs for

replacement up to 35 small flats with retail on the ground floor.  35 objections to

small flats in an area of family residences

  • 40 Florence Road. The original building should be preserved
  • 108-110 Wimborne Road. Plans for detached houses in ‘The Hollies’ car park were


  • Far end of East Avenue. The proposed house would be a ‘sore thumb’ amongst the

existing bungalows

  • 11 Bodorgan Road. The proposed Victorian style flats was a. good design
  • 1143 Wimborne Road. The proposed 3rd Storey of small flats should be refused
  • 11 Florence Road. The proposal is boring and lacks creativity
  • Branksome Dene. The proposed new building would set a precedent for redevelopment in this characterful and generally well preserved area.
  • Cliff End Hotel. The plans were out of character.
  • Penrith Road. 49 letters of complaint against the building of small flats in a family


  • 14-20 Bellevue Road. The plans by Renaissance to build a residential home were too

big for the site – currently five bungalows. The views of the local residents as set out at 5.5 were supported.

  • 36-36A Southbourne Road. See 5.3 above.


  1. Planning Sub-Committee.  The Society’s Planning Sub-Committee accepted

Peter Tisdale’s invitation to visit the former Echo offices and see the plans for the

future use – including a ‘Boutique’ hotel, employment uses and a gin distillery. John

B, Elaine, Jean , Hilda and John S reported on the meeting. Generally what was being

proposed was welcomed.


  1. Planning Board Observations.  Peter attended the January meeting
    • 40 Harvey Road. A TPO
    • 46A The Avenue. The proposed HMO was agreed
    • 15-19 Kingswell Road. Plans were refused
    • 7 Bellevue Crescent. Plans were allowed.
    • Branksome Road. Plans were refused
  2. Communications Timetable.  Pre-AGM papers had been distributed.

      Caroline Peach from the Planning Department would speak after the formal



  1.  Civic Voice.  It was agreed that membership should be renewed


  1. Bournemouth 2026  No report in Elaine’s absence.


  • Bournemouth-in-Bloom.  Beryl updated on award and events as follows:
    • West Cliff Hut. £17,000 was needed to restore the hut but good sources and

            pledges were coming in.

  • Garden Adjacent to Deric Scott . It was planned to restore the garden in 2018
  • National Gardens in Bloom. Bournemouth had been invited to participate in 2018
  • Hospital Gardens. The three Hospital gardens would be included in Bournemouth

     entry for South and East


  1. Activities Officer
    • Soup and Sandwich.  35 attended the February event, bookings for March were encouraging


  • Membership Officer’s Report. Three new members. It was agreed to contact

          all those non members who had approached the Society by the website for help and

support to come to the AGM and become members.


  1. Webmaster’s Report. The website was still proving busy with enquiries and

     communications being received.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:

17.1    Current account – £13,798.04

  • Annual Accounts. The annual accounts were with the independent examiner. Thanks

     were recorded to Peter for preparing the 2017 Report and Accounts ready for the



  1. Meeting with Andrew England on 16th The following items were

     proposed for discussion

  • Trees on West Cliff Green
  • Bellevue Road Bungalows (Renaissance)
  • Bournemouth Pier Landing Stage
  • Cottonwood Hotel etc – progress
  • Coach House – West Hill Road
  • Parking – throughout Borough
  • 140 Alumhurst Road
  • St George’s Hotel
  • A338
  • Cliff End
  • Characterisation Policy
  • Development in Historic Areas


  1. Annual General Meeting. Arrangements for the Annual General Meeting on 9th

    April were complete.  The Speaker would be Caroline Peach


  1. Any Other Business.

20.1    Honorary Membership.  It was agreed that Mrs Pulham should be offered honorary



  The meeting closed at 15.50                      



Ken Mantock

26th March 2018                                                                                          Chairman