Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road

at 2pm on Monday 27th February 2017


  1. Present: John Barker (President), Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Elaine Cooper, Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), Beryl Parker (Social

Secretary), John Soane (Built Environment Officer,) James Weir (Heritage and Conservation Officer), and Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary)


  1. Apologies:  Hilda Brownlow,


  1.   The minutes for the meeting held on 23rd January 2017 were agreed.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes.

4.1       Closure of Lansdowne Road.  Sally reported that she had learnt that the closure of

the road over the Christmas and New Year’s Eve and the resulting bus re-directioning

was due to road works and so didn’t need to be raised at the next meeting with

Andrew England.


  1. Local Development Framework.  Ken noted that there had been a meeting in

          last week regarding the Local Plan Review and the Government’s new Housing White

Paper discussed. He had been unable to attend due to work commitments but had

circulated the papers


  1. Built Environment.

5.1                   Wessex Hotel.  It was felt that from the recent meeting with Andrew England and Carolyn Peach that the Planning Department supported our contention that the case for demolition had not been proved and rehabilitation of the existing building should be the first option.

5.2                   Belvedere Hotel.  A special meeting of the Planning Board held on 23rd January

            approved the plans. The timing of redevelopment of the existing dilapidated buildings

(hopefully soon) would be queried at the next meeting with Andrew England.

5.3       Hospital Access from the A338 Spur Road.  Technical studies were taking place and there were workshops in neighbouring areas to present the plans to the public.

5.4       Branksome Hill Road.  Richard Carr was appealing the refusal of permission.

5.5       Moorside Cottage.  The plans had been deferred. John S agreed to check then and comment as necessary.

5.6       Undisclosed Building.  Peter Tisdale of THAT Group had sought a meeting with the Planning Sub-Committee (Ken, John S, James, John B and Elaine on 3rd April at 930am to discuss his plans.



  1.   Heritage and Conservation
    • Westover Road Cinemas.
      • A decision on the listing appeal was awaited.  It was felt that the plans submitted to date were unlikely to be approved by the Planning Board hence the informal presentation of them to last week’s Planning Board meeting being  withdrawn.  Ideally if the developer did not come up with sympathetic proposals a Trust would be created to convert the building as a cultural centre or museum with ancilliary retail uses.
      • There were currently no known plans for this building
    • Boscombe and Pokesdown Plan. The Heritage Policy was being developed
    • Victorian Shelter on West Cliff. £20,000 was needed to carry out necessary

renovation. Beryl would obtain further details so the level of support by Civic Society could be discussed.

  • Golden Anniversary of Conservation Areas. Ken and James would discuss.
  • Winton Local Plan. The first meeting had been held.  Local enthusiasm very good. Elaine might volunteer to be Civic Soc rep. on the local cttee.


  1.        See John Soane’s report:
    • The application should be refused
    • 54 Elgin Road. There had been 37 letters of objection to the plans.
    • 3 Wickham Road. There had been 18 letters of objection to the over-sized fake ‘Arts

and Crafts’ flatlet block

  • 212 Malvern Road. The plan to replace a much-needed corner shop with a block of

4 flats was unnecessary and should be refused.

  • 8 Wimborne Road. The plan to renovate a derelict Victorian house into  14

            flats built in character should be permitted.

  • Strouden Road Builder’s Yard.   The plan for staggered houses was unacceptable
  • 6-10 North Avenue. The plan for 9 terrace houses was satisfactory.


  1. Planning Sub-Committee.  The Planning Sub-Committee, (Ken, James and John

     B had a very satisfactory meeting with Andrew England and Caroline Peach on 20th



  1. Planning Board Observation.  The Board was not attended (nominated

    committee member was Andre Thomas who had since resigned and no cover had

been arranged. Forthcoming months attendees were confirmed by Jean.


  1. Communications Timetable.  The AGM agenda had been distributed.  Copy

    date for the Summer edition of the Newsletter was 30th June


  1. Civic Voice.  Publications had been distributed, membership would be renewed to

     support the national campaign group and of the availability of affordable insurance


  1. Bournemouth 20/26   The Newsletter had been received


  1. Bournemouth-in-Bloom.  Beryl gave an update on recent and upcoming       

actions including :

  • Bournemouth Hospital Orchard Garden. Taken a leading role in the development

of this new garden

  • Various Sites. Cleaned and planted neglected plots adjacent to Bournemouth College, The Victorian Shelter and Westbourne Marks and Spencer’s


  1. Activities Officers’ Reports. 

 14.1    Christmas Lunch,   The lunch was voted the ‘best ever’ but the Miramar Hotel

moved the event from the Oak Room to the Dining Room (which had to be vacated by 3pm) without notice.  The same was forecast for 2017 so it was decided to move

the event to the Connaught Hotel

14.2   Soup and Sandwiches Talks.  These monthly events at the Hinton Firs Hotel were

attracting increased numbers and an additional April event was no planned

14.3    2018 Outings.  Suggestions for 2018 included a visit to Crichel House and a guided         tour of Bournemouth Churches


  1. Membership Officer’s Report.  There were still a number of outstanding

    renewals – some would pay at the AGM


  1. Webmaster’s Report.  It was agreed that the sum of £1,800 should be paid to the

    developer of the new site in recognition of his work.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Current Account – £2556.37, CAF Account – £7,408.60.

The annual accounts were in the course of preparation and would be presented to the AGM


  1. Annual General Meeting.  See the January minutes. All in hand and Debbie

     would cover for Beryl.


  1. Any Other Business.

 19.1    Visit to Andrew England.  The next meeting with Andrew England would be at 11am on

            Friday 3rd March when items to be discussed would include:

  • Planning Conventions to be observed by the new Authority after reorganisation
  • Local Plan Review
  • The Belvedere Hotel
  • Westover Road Cinemas
  • Winter Gardens
  • Hospital Access from the A338 Spur Road
  • Burlington Arcade – the board in the listed entrance from Old Christchurch Road
  • Lansdowne College plant (Britain in Bloom 2017 route)
  • Development plans for Bath Road Car Parks
  • Aqua centre on the West Cliff Promenade (new development)
  • Cliff End Hotel
  • Closure of Public Toilets at Southbourne Crossroads

  19.2   Waste Management.  Ken would investigate

  19.3   Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Planning Guide


  The meeting closed at 15.20                       



Ken Mantock

27th March 2017                                                                                          Chairman