Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee held at 18 Sandbourne Road at 1.00pm on Monday 25th April 2022

Present: Ken Mantock (Chairman), Jean Bird (Vice Chairman), Hilda Brownlow, Elaine Cooper, Jean-Daniel Kursner, Sally McGrath (Membership Secretary), Alex McKinstry John Soane (Built Environment Officer) and Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary).

Apologies: Phil Stanley-Watts,

  1. Minutes. The minutes for the meeting held on 28th March 2022 were agreed.

  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes.

  • Correction to Item 9. The meeting of Southbourne Forum would be on April 29th and not April 22nd and JD would confirm with John the time so he could attend on behalf of BCS.

  1. Built Environment.

  • Cleaner, Greener, Safer Bournemouth. John S had spoken to Cllr Nichola Greene. There was a team dealing with graffiti on private buildings in the town centre and there would be a consultation on grass cutting throughout the BCP area. It appeared that our efforts and campaigning were having an effect. He would monitor progress and if need be contact Cllr Greene again.

  • Local Plan. The Society was waiting for BCP Council feedback on the public consultation – the Echo was also chasing feedback from the Council.

  • Glenferness Avenue Cycle Lanes/Benellen Avenue 20mph. John S had commented on the cycle lanes, the same was now needed for the 20mph proposal so he would include in next month’s planning digest.

  • Town Centre. The Society was waiting for news on the Council’s plans for Westover Road that had been reported in The Echo. SAVE Britain’s Heritage’s “Departing Stores” report included Bobby’s and House of Fraser in Bournemouth, the Society’s comments were quoted in The Echo and the report sent by Ken to all BCP Councillors.

  • Boscombe. The Society was waiting for news on the regeneration proposals

  • Southbourne:

  1. An appeal had been submitted for the Bellevue Road flats plan

  2. An appeal was likely for the Southbourne Crossroads flats plan

  3. Plans for the Bistro on the Beach had still to be submitted to the Planning Committee but the building had recently been demolished.

  4. The Society was progressing the Heritage Board idea with local residents – the Kings, Francis Outram and Bill Hoodless were helping plus input from Mike Stead and others. Alex and JD would keep involved.

  1. Heritage and Conservation.

  • Keith Spicer Building, Cleveland Road. No news on the re-location of the tiles. Developer to be chased.

  • Civic Society Archives. Our founding Chairman, Ian Dickens’, documents had been scanned by Alwyn, John Barker’s documents and Ken’s documents from his time on the Council would be the next to be scanned. Some of the earliest newsletters from John B’s collection had been placed on the website by Ken. It was striking how issues and concerns from the early 1970’s differed little from the 2020’s – 50 years may have passed but the same topics featured in today’s work of the Society.

  • Local Listing of Buildings. Alex had worked hard with Pokesdown Community Forum to suggest retail buildings for local listing and the second batch for residential buildings was in progress.

  • St Clement’s Church. Concern had been voiced over care for original features and fabric of the church. Alwyn had offered advice and one of the local councillors provided useful background to current issues.

  1. Planning. See John Soane’s written reports for March 2022

  • 4 Talbot Avenue. An application to alter and extend an Arts and Crafts house to create three additional flats. Although the proposal attempted to be a sympathetic enhancement of the original house the Society considered that it would be too big for the site and out of sympathy with the neighbouring houses and should be refused.

  • 1 Allington Road. An application to demolish a two storey late 19th Century house and replace it with a two storey block of 4 town houses in a semi-modernistic style. The Society considers that this would be totally unsuitable for the site both in its mass and its design and should be refused.

  • 19 Redhill Drive. An application to build a two storey extension to a detached family house. The scheme would produce an improvement to the mass and appearance of the property but the rear extension was of poor design and the extension would come exceptionally close to the boundary fence consequently the application should be deferred for further discussion.

  • 49/51 Francis Avenue. An application to build a second storey on two existing bungalows. The Society considered that this would spoil the existing visual character of the area and should be refused.

  • 31 Brightlands Avenue. An application to build a narrow single storey extension to an existing chalet bungalow. The Society considered that this extension would be too large for the site and would be too close to the adjacent No 29. A smaller extension would be acceptable and the plan should be deferred for further discussion.

  • Land to rear of 2 & 4 Southill Road. This was a plan to build a two storey detached house on a composite site to the rear of the existing houses. The Society considered that this would be an over development and noted that it would reduce the natural sunlight to adjacent properties and that the application should be refused.

  • 54 Elgin Road. An application to build a compact family home on a site between Elgin Road and Glenferness Avenue. The Society finds the plan generally acceptable but suggests that the garage should be moved forward to permit an enlargement of the ground floor window on that side of the house and recommends that the application be deferred for further consideration.

  • 834 Christchurch Road. An application to alter and extend the property to create two self contained residential units at the back of the existing building. This would complete an unfinished corner and the Society recommend that it be allowed.

  • Surrey Road, Westbourne. This was a plan to build 8 houses for BCP Social Services on vacant land adjacent to the Cambridge Road roundabout. This plot was created when 19th Century villas in Surrey Road were demolished to permit the construction of Wessex Way. The Society agrees that this would be a sensible use of this land but considers there should be improvement3s to the design and the proposal deferred for further consideration.

  1. Planning Committee .

  • April 21st – Southbourne Crossroads appeal reasons update (only Bournemouth item)

  • May 19th – John S to attend.

  1. Communications Timetable. The newsletter is with the printers. Ken was thanked for preparing this and for sending it and the accompanying 2021 Treasurers Report and Booking Form for the 50th Anniversary afternoon tea to the printers. Sally would collect when typeset and printed and post out to members.

  1. Civic Voice. Subs had been renewed.

  1. Membership Officer’s Report.

  • One single from BH6 had joined plus a student (this made 12 new Southbourne members since the last meeting so well done JD.

  • Sub-committee – Ken, Sally and J-D to meet.

  1. Webmaster’s Report.

  • All good and up to date. All enquiries being followed up.

  • The web hosting fee of £190.65 had been paid by Ken and would be reimbursed.

11. Treasurer’s Report:

  • Current Account. £42,537.33

  • Accounts. The certified accounts would be distributed to members with the AGM invite (thanks to Peter and independent examiner John Bartlett)

  • Trustee Indemnity Insurance. Civic Voice and Lockton no longer offer this insurance. Ken obtained quotes from Chris Knott Insurance and Edwards Insurance Brokers who both offered a similar product at almost the same cost. Members of the Committee queried the need for this insurance now that we no longer have outings but the decision was made to accept the quote from Edwards Insurance Brokers at a cost of £460.81.

  1. Caroline Peach Meeting. Jean would approach Caroline for the date for the next

Meeting which would probably be Summer.

  1. Any Other Business.

  • Society 50th Anniversary in 2022. It was agreed that the celebration will include:

  1. AGM and Afternoon Tea at the Miramar Hotel on Sunday 24th July – the booking had been confirmed and Ken/Hilda were taking arrangements forward.

  2. An updated version of the 40th Anniversary Booklet. Alex had updated the 40th Anniversary booklet with news on the last 10 years activities.

  3. Key Rings for all members had been ordered from Marquee Print at a cost of £759.80

  • Closure of Holdenhurst Road/ Wetherspoons. Were the alterations/improvements to Holdenhurst Road a waste of money? And would the closure of Wetherspoons see a high rise development be suggested for its site? The committee discussed these points.

.Next Meetings

Mondays 23rd May and 27th June at 1pm at 18 Sandbourne Road

Ken Mantock

23rd May 2022 Chairman