25/27 Stourwood Avenue, Spyglass and Kettle Pub Ref. No. 7-2021-6780-AB

This is an application to enhance the rear courtyard area outside the pub by the construction of a new outside bar and a pergola around the exterior seating area. The proposed structure would be built of wooden planks and be of one storey with a pitched roof.

Although the Society can find no fault with the proposed design we take careful note of local comments which fear the increased public disruption of a private residential area by further outside hospitality facilities. It was felt that there would be increased noise pollution and social disturbance – especially late at night with the installation of music loudspeakers. We agree with these views.

Therefore since this proposal does not comply with the townscape or amenity policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society feels it should be refused.

1 Upper Terrace Road Ref. No. 7-2021-4235-I

This is an application to construct a five/six storey block of 31 flats to be built on a vacant triangular shaped piece of land that separates Terrace Road from Upper Terrace Road. Unfortunately it has proved impossible to find suitable pictures of the proposed development. Apart from some very inadequate representations of certain architectural features, the BCP Council Urban Design Consultation Report is the only guidance at present available.

The Urban Design Officer Sophie Leon suggests that the general mass of the proposed building is far too large in respect to the visual context of the adjacent, mid nineteenth century, Georgian style terrace in Upper Terrace Road listed terrace. Miss Leon also suggests that the general scale of the new structure should be proportionally smaller than the large Hilton construction on the opposite side of Upper Terrace Road. She also considered it desirable that the general design of the new façade which should be made more interesting with balconies and roof terraces in order to better integrate with the historic terrace above and the modern block of flats just below in Terrace Road.

In addition Miss Leon also suggested that the architectural design of the new flat block would be improved if the variety of different sized windows was reduced of a smaller variety of larger vertical windows. In sum, it can appear that a considerable improvement in the general design of the new structure is called for in this sensitive site. The Society therefore hopes that adequate illustrations will soon be available and a proper judgement can be made and in the meanwhile we endorse The Urban Design Officer’s views.

44 Charminster Avenue Ref. No. 7-21498-A

This is an application to alter and extend an existing mid twentieth century family house into 6 flats. The existing structure would be extended in the same style and the new principal façade would consist of two, two storey bay windows either side of a porched entrance together with further flat entrances on a side wing with a complex pitched roof above.

The Society feel that irrespective of the use of traditional architectural elements, the extension is simply too large for the restricted site. We agree with local opinion that fears that new windows in the new development would reduce the privacy of adjacent properties and that the new, enlarged built footprint would lead to the disturbance of established pattern of landscape.

Under the circumstances the Society does not think such an extension, merely for financial gain is appropriate and therefore we have decided that since this application in no way complies witht the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

379-383 Wimborne Road (opposite Withermoor Road ) Ref. No. 7-2021-728-AG

This is an application to construct a three storey block of student accommodations behind an existing two storey shop (with accommodation ) from the early twentieth century.

The main block would take the form of a large, rectangular built foot print with regularly positioned, narrow vertical windows on the long side elevations. The rear section of the building would be two storeys with modern sash windows covered by a complex pitched roof.

The Society feels the proposed complex is far too large for the restricted site – being built solely to generate income with little intention of improving the adjacent townscape. Two similar applications have already been turned down and we note that here is another example of an attempt to put totally inappropriate residential construction on a commercial site that was never designed for such a purpose. We agree with local opinion that apart from restricting natural sunlight for adjacent properties, the ability of local business people to park along the adjoining service road would be drastically curtailed. The life styles of older people in the area would also be adversely affected. Therefore under the circumstances the Society has concluded that since this application in no way relates to the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

133-135 Cranleigh Road (Tuckton ) Ref. No. 7-2021-20097-I

This is an application to construct two flats in a traditionally designed property within the rear gardens of nos. 133 and 135 Cranleigh Road. The building would have an asymmetrically shaped roof and symmetrically positioned window clusters on the street façade.

The Society strongly feels that the built footprint of this proposed structure is far too large for the proposed site; there being practically no land left for private use. Again we see yet another example of a totally inappropriate use of two already developed sites merely for the purpose of private gain. Therefore we have decided that since this application in no way complies with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

506 Charminster Road Bournemouth (near East Way ) Ref. No. 7-2021-19125-A

This is an application to extend an existing family house in order to create a two storey block of five flats within a new plot consisting of 506, Charminster Road and the rear garden of 508, Charminster Road – with access from the service lane, Sonning Way. The existing inter-war property has a two storey bay window towards the front and would be doubled in area to form a large rectangular shape with a second, two storey, bay window all encompassed by a massive new hipped roof. The symmetrical appearance of the new building would be lost as the new entrance and the remaining windows would be off centre.

The Society think that this rather unimaginative design is not only inappropriate for the area but also far too large for the site in question. We are in agreement with local comment which deplores the use of several sites for the creation of mean blocks of small flats that are inappropriate to the neighbourhood where family residences are far more needed. It is also felt that the gaps between the new block and the existing boundaries would be far too narrow – so reducing the enjoyment of light and privacy in adjacent properties. Finally it has been suggested that the existing service road Sonning Way is totally inadequate for further traffic.

Consequently the Society has decided that since this application in no way respects the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

4 Stour Road (near Richmond Park Road ) Ref. No. 7-2021-28388

This is an application to construct a one and one half storey extension to a late nineteenth century, artisan-terraced house of two bays. The proposed structure would consist of a new garage, study and a utility room and be lit by mini dormers in the small pitched roof above. The Society find the new extension a restrained and well designed piece of work; and so we have decided that since this application satisfies quite adequately the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be allowed.

64 Irving Road ( off Southbourne Road ) Ref. No. 7-2021-26105-B

This is an application to construct two modern, chalet style bungalows with pitched roofs and dormers on interior land that is completely surrounded by developed urban sites.

Although the Society feels that the design of the new residences is quite acceptable, we would agree with local residents who think that access is inadequate to the interior site, the service road being too narrow for normal purposes. There would be more noise and insufficient parking if the existing land, mainly meant for the use of pedestrians, was turned into a conventional road.

Under these circumstances the Society feels that because this application can in no way comply with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

Iron Age Round House, Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre. Ref. No. 7-2021-7284-F

This is an application to reconstruct a replica Iron Age Round House at the Visitor Centre within Hengistbury Head.

The Society think this is a first rate educational initiative that is similar to the existing round houses at Buster Hill on the Hampshire Downs and at Cranborne in Dorset. It will give a unique glimpse on daily life in the Bournemouth area, two thousand years ago.

The structure would be built in traditional vernacular form by means of hazel strips woven around a ring of circular posts daubed with clay and covered by a conical roof, supported by rafters and covered with thatch. Impersonators of the ancient Britons would be on hand to explain their normal activities. The Society recommends this project without restraint.

Therefore we have decided that since application in every way complies with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be allowed