4 Elmsway, Tuckton Ref. No. 7-2022-6750—B

This is an application to construct a small house of one and a half storey s on a narrow plot that was originally part of a larger site that was developed as part of a residential neighbourhood in the early Twentieth Century.

The built foot print would take up to 50% of the site; the new building would have quite small rooms, a pitched roof and modern rectangular windows some with vertical divisions.

The Society finds the dimensions of this whole development exceptionally cramped, the interior space is barely livable and there is hardly space for the pocket sized garden and single parking space. We are in agreement with local comments (10 E mails) which point out that the new property would in no way fit in with the adjacent bungalows which were built on more spacious plots and in addition there would be loss of natural light and parking problems. Similar plans for this site have been rejected.

We observe that here is another example of an attempt to construct a residential building merely for financial gain, on a site that was never designed to take further development.

Under the circumstances, the Society has concluded that since this proposal in no way complies with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

96-98A Malvern Road, Moordown Ref. No. 7-2022-21703-C

This is an application to construct two pairs of semi-detached dwellings on the site of one two storey detached house and one bungalow that were constructed during the inter war period when this low density neighbourhood was laid out. The rectangular, built foot print of each of the new structures would be somewhat longer and quite a bit wider than those on the existing site. The two new buildings would be laid out parallel to each other, with car parking spaces in front and gardens to the rear. Each structure would be designed in a very modernised Arts and Crafts style. The front elevations would be symmetrical with a prominent hipped roof above. There would be a narrow roofed shelter along the length of the façade with modern casement windows above and below and two entrances in the centre. The rear elevations would be stylistically generally similar to the front but with two pairs of French windows on the ground floor.

Although in absolute terms, the Society is not displeased with the design, we agree with local opinion that finds the dimensions of the new development far too out of scale and character with the surrounding 1930’s townscape. It was also felt that the large size of the properties would restrict access to sun light for adjacent neighbours. In addition there were fears that the difficult drainage on this undulating site would be worsened by further building activity.The Society suggest that a single structure be put on this site – not so high and of broader dimensions in order to merge in better with the surrounding buildings.

Therefore we have decided that since this application does not fully comply with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be deferred for further discussion.

10 Maple Road, Moordown Ref. No. 7-2022-28595

This is an application to construct a two storey extension to the rear of the existing property on the site. The structure was built in the late Nineteenth Century and is of some architectural pretention, with contrasting striped brickwork and a well integrated two storey bay window. The extension would imitate generally the existing appearance of the original house; the rear elevation would encompass three symmetrically placed, modern casement windows on the first floor and wide French windows ( five elements ) on the ground floor.

The Society has concluded that the dimensions of the extension, in relation to the restricted size of the site, are simply too large. If built, the garden area would become far too small and the general mass of the enlarged building would appear overbearing in relation to the lesser scale of the surrounding townscape..

As a possible solution we suggest that a narrow extension, no wider than the existing rear projecting, bathroom/dressing room , be constructed and that the fenestration on the rear ground floor be symmetrically repositioned to compliment the three windows above.

Consequently The Society has concluded that because this proposal is not fully compatible with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan it should be deferred for further discussion.

103 Wick Lane, Wick Ref. No. 7-2022-1420-H

This is an application to reconstruct and extend an existing conventional 1960’s modernist style family house into a larger family residence in the Georgian style. The existing house on the site has no distinctive architectural distinction. It is rectangular with a hipped roof and has various sized, casement windows on both the principal elevations.

The proposals would include an extension to the N.W. and a new hipped roof with prominent pedimented dormers on to both the principal facades. The architectural design of both the front and rear elevation would be deliberately asymmetrical; mid- Georgian style windows with upper and lower divisions would be asymmetrically placed but regularly positioned on both facades and a new one story kitchen/dining area would be built on to the rear.

Irrespective of the fact that the Society might think that the general appearance of the new building respects the historic stylistic ambience of the old village centre, a considerable number of the 33 E mails received from local residents, notwithstanding its appearance, felt the structure was too large in relation to the existing scale of the existing buildings. In particular the “pretentiousness” of the elaborate dormers was criticized and indeed it was even wondered what purpose an historicist design served and whether or not the existing modernist structure contributed a distinctive quality to the variety of architectural styles that make up the neighbourhood of Wick.

The quality and depth of discussion about the future architectural appearance of the village was very impressive – something that is not that often seen in local opinion. Nevertheless having known Wick all my life, my considered feeling and having carefully reviewed the matter is to recommend to the Society that the proposed renovation should err on the side of a traditional design as being more appropriate to the appearance of Wick in the long run. Certainly it is vital to reduce the proposed dimensions of the new house and also the number and elaboration of the dormers. Even in small villages there have always been one or two larger properties that stand out in relation to the other houses but what it proposed is just too large and out of character.

And so since the proposal does not comply with the Bournemouth Local Plan, it can should be deferred for further discussion and improvement.

125 Kingswell Road Ref. No. 7-2022-17598

This is an application to construct a two storey side extension and a one storey extension to the rear façade to a two storey detached, mid twentieth century, detached dwelling.

Although, in themselves, the alterations are not offensive, the Society feels that the new built foot print is now too large in relation to those in adjacent properties. On such a restricted site, we do not think it appropriate that the outer walls of a structure should now be so close to both boundaries on either side of the long elevations of the building.

Consequently we feel that since it is clear that this proposal does not comply with the townscape proposals of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we think it should be refused.