4 Glenferness Avenue, Talbot Woods    Ref.     No.          7-2023-10967

This is an application to  construct two small detached dwellings on two severed sites – one formed from  the original spacious site of the existing large mid twentieth house built in Art Deco style and the other taken from an adjacent empty site. The location is entirely surrounded by developed sites and is approached by a narrow private road from Glenferness Avenue, quite near to  Branksome Wood Road.  The proposed  new houses are quite small and are generally designed in a late nineteenth century, semi-detached/terrace format   Architectural features include a two storey bay window, casement windows, gables  and  pitched roofs

The Society feels that the position of the two properties would visually compromise the setting of the existing house.  Especially in Talbot  Woods, a spacious balanced relationship between built upon and unbuilt upon space has always been a distinctive feature of this neighbourhood.  Further, we feel that think that two examples of the type of house proposed would amount to overcrowding and in addition would not be an appropriate built  form to be constructed within the distinctive spatial proportions of the area.

We would however suggest that if one, more appropriately designed property was  required,  it might be possible to place at the rear corner of the severed site made from the vacant area. The new house would then be surrounded by reasonably spacious grounds similar  in size to other original properties in Talbot Woods.

Therefore the Society has decided that since this application does not fulfil the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be deferred for further consideration and improvement.

33 Fortescue Road,  Charminster  Ref.     No. 7-2023-16791-B

This is an application to construct block containing two semi-detached dwellings  at the rear of a site at present containing a disused garage workshop.  The site is surrounded by semi-detached properties that were constructed as part of the urban expansion of Charminster in north Bournemouth in the late nineteenth Century.  The main entrance would front Grafton Road and would consist of a two storey block of traditional proportions  with on the garden façade symmetrical modern windows at the extremities, vertical windows/ French windows with balcony in the centre and a mansard roof above.

Although the Society finds the design reasonable competent, we feel strongly that the positioning of this new block at the extreme end of the site is aesthetically inappropriate in relation to the general spatial structure of the neighbourhood where  the properties are positioned centrally on each site.  We therefore suggest that a new built footprint, squarely positioned and employing a more compatible design should be an appropriate alternative.

Consequently since we feel that this application in no way corresponds to the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we have decided it should be refused.

561 Christchurch Road, Boscombe   Ref.      No.    7-2023-6116-G


This is an application to use a severed site at the end of a rear courtyard that serves a retail unit in Christchurch Road and a first floor flat above. The two storey structure would contain two flats and be built across the rear courtyard.    The upper flat would be reached by an outside external staircase. The new building would be simple in appearance  with four rectangular windows on the first floor, four vertical windows on both floors of the narrow elevation facing outwards and with pitched roof above.   The Society thinks that since rear yards of neighbouring properties still remain uncluttered, the new structure would amount to overdevelopment.

Therefore we have decided that because this application in no way complies with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

506-508 Charminster Road , Charminster  Ref.     No.       7-2023-19125-B

This is an application to construct two, two storey, house blocks containing 7 flats on the double  site of two existing family dwellings that were constructed during the mid Twentieth Century during the residential expansion of north Bournemouth across Charminster.  The built footprints of the new structures would be considerably larger than those of the existing properties; they would be of two storeys of an Arts and  Craft ambience with two storey bay windows in conjunction with symmetrical fenestration under pitched roofs with dormers.


The Society while accepting that in absolute terms the design of the two blocks is reasonably competent, agree with local opinion that in comparison with adjacent properties, the dimensions of the proposed structures are far too large in comparison with adjacent houses and therefore completely out of character with the surrounding townscape.  We would also agree that the outer walls would be extremely close to the existing boundaries of the site which would worsen the conditions for privacy natural sunlight, car parking and social nuisance.  Our suggestion would be either the construction of two smaller  family houses or the building of a single fairly large house block across the entire site.


Under these circumstances the Society has decided that since this application does not fully  satisfy the townscape policies of the Bournemouth local plan, it should be deferred for further discussion and improvement.


Land beside Glenferness Avenue, Talbot Woods  Ref.     No.      7-2023-8034-CD

This is an application to build three quite substantial family houses on the site of old tennis courts belonging to Talbot Heath School.  Each two storey property  would be traditionally designed in the Georgian style  with on the front façade, regularly positioned sash windows, central porches and entrances and prominent hipped/pitched  roofs with dormers.  In respect to the rear elevations, large asymmetrical areas of glass make up large  parts of the ground floor.


Although the Society is generally pleased with the designs and feels that the spatial and visual context of the development is of sufficient quality  to be placed without disharmony beside the more spacious single developed plots in this part of Glenferness Avenue, we do  advise that the modernist appearance of the ground floors of the rear facades be altered in a more symmetrical way to harmonise with the upper windows.


Therefore since this application does not fully satisfy the townscape policies of the  Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society has decided that it should be deferred for further discussion and improvement.