33 Uplands Road, Charminster: – Ref. No.   7-2023-20279-B

This is an application to construct a two storey extension to an existing inter war, two storey house and to extend and re-fashion the existing, one storey section on the adjacent side and rear elevation. The new rear façade would have large, modern, vertical, three light windows on both floors of the new rear extension and also on the remaining portion of the rear one storey section.   There would be a slight increase in the size of the built foot print.

The Society realises that these proposals would result in a most considerable contrast in architectural styles between the principal and rear elevations of the house.   However, since the new rear design does not appear to conflict strongly with significant structures in the built townscape, we feel the new modernist rear design would be suitable.

Therefore as this application does infringe the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society has decided it should be allowed.

44 Redhill Avenue: – Ref. No.    7-2023-20620-B

This is an application to construct a new one and a half  storey chalet bungalow on a severed site at the rear of an existing mid twentieth century developed plot near Winton Primary School. The new built foot print would take up about one third of the new site close to the western boundary with an entrance via the existing one to 44 Redhill Avenue.  The new building would have a conventional bungalow design with a prominent hipped roof and dormers and symmetrical fenestration , three /four light windows/French windows on the front and rear facades.

The Society observes that here is yet another attempt to build upon an open space within an already developed plot where no further construction was contemplated  merely for financial gain. We are also in agreement with local opinion which fears considerable privacy disturbance, the loss of wild life habitat and excessive pressure on the existing drainage system.

Therefore we have decided that since this application does not comply with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

10 Gorsecliff Road,   Wallisdown: – Ref. No.    7-2023-28747-B

This is an application to construct a one/two storey side extension to an existing  mid twentieth century  semi-detached house. If built the enlarged built foot print would stretch fully from one boundary division to the other. The new side elevation would  consist of a blank wall; the new extended front and rear elevations would contain a garage, a new rear door, modern vertical windows on the first floor with an extended hipped roof above

The Society has concluded  that the enlarged structure  would be too large in scale for the site and would amount to overdevelopment in comparison with the existing developed sites of adjacent houses.

Consequently we feel that because this application does not respect the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.


73 Newstead Road, West Southbourne: –   Ref. No.  7-2023-28739-A

This is an application to create a two storey and one storey extension to the side and rear elevations of an existing mid twentieth century family house built in modernised Arts and Crafts style.  The new extension would create a considerably enlarged, generally rectangular, built foot print that would extend fully from one boundary wall to the other.  The built additions would be constructed in the modernist style: the extended front elevation (from the side) would consist of large areas of render below and timber cladding above which would enclose a large vertical window; the rear front would present timber cladding around a large window above and massive glass panels below; the new one/two storey wall of the enlarged side extension would likewise be a mixture of brick below and timber cladding.

The Society feel strongly that the planned extension has been designed in a completely inappropriate modern style that in no way compliments the existing property. Also we think that the  scale of the building would be out of keeping with the smaller appearance of  most of the surrounding properties. We feel too much massing at the side would unbalance the generally symmetrical and devolved perspective of the existing townscape.

Consequently, the Society has decided that because this application does not satisfy the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

70 Ripon Road, Moordown: –   Ref. No.  7-2023-26284-A

This is an application to construct a new two storey two bedroom dwelling built as a separate extension to an existing property.  The latter is part of a mid-twentieth century residential development of semi-detached houses.  The quite plain facades and double windows of the original buildings would be replicated in the new development.

However it is the view of the Society that the new combined larger built foot print of the two combined houses would be far too large in scale to be easily absorbed by the smaller, semi-detached houses of the surrounding townscape.  If built we think it would give the undesirable impression of a terraced property built in the wrong place.

Therefore since this application does not fulfil the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we feel it should be refused.

26 Saint Michael’s Road: – Ref. No.   7-2023-28724

This is an application to divide an existing building into three apartments and add a new staircase well on the northern façade of the property facing along St. Michael’s Road.  It lies in the West Cliff Conservation Area. The property in question is part of a well-integrated number of holiday mansion flats that were constructed at a relatively high density as the West Cliff was being laid out in the late Nineteenth Century.   The staircase well would consist of a matching brick tower with two vertical windows at different floor levels and culminating with an integrated roof ridge.

Although the Society acknowledges that the design is probably the best to be expected under difficult circumstances, we do note that part of the staircase tower would impinge on the polygonal shape of the corner belvedere tower which is both a distinctive aspect of the façade and is a focal point of visual reference at the corner of Saint Michael’s and Purbeck Roads when approached along St. Michael’s Road.  Therefore we think this proposed external alteration would not be appropriate in the West Cliff Conservation Area

Consequently the Society has concluded that because this application takes too little notice of the Conservation Policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

Land adjacent to 846 Christchurch Road, Boscombe: –   Ref. No.  7-2023-4298-K

This is an application to construct on the site of a car park, a new 2/3 storey block containing one commercial unit and five flats.  The development would be adjacent to the well-known late nineteenth century neo Renaissance building which housed the Boscombe Technical Institute; the original application was refused. The new design replicates in simpler form the principal features of the old Institute building. It embraces a symmetrical façade with vertical emphasis with a projecting pediment structure at the top that would be connected to a central hipped section of the roof. The principal façade would have balanced pairs of large four light windows on the upper stories and large glass doors on the ground floor.

The rear façade would appear somewhat unsymmetrical with the hipped roof and the outer windows out of central alignment as a result of internal planning. Generally speaking, the Society finds this new scheme a much better design than the earlier  too modernist submission. We think it compliments its  neo Renaissance neighbour in an appropriate way. We do not think that the unsymmetrical rear façade is sufficiently degrading to warrant any design correction.

Therefore since this application generally satisfies the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society has decided that it should be allowed.

9 Keswick Road, Boscombe Manor: – Ref.  No.  7-2023-25101-C

This is an application to construct a new dwelling house on a severed site that is at present part of a double plot and occupied by an Arts and Crafts style family house built as part of a new residential neighbourhood in the 1920’s. The new structure would imitate on a smaller scale the general appearance of the existing adjacent houses.  The principal façade would have a two storey bay window merging into a distinctive hipped roof at one extremity; a one storey projected main entrance and generally regularly positioned fenestration.

The Society finds the design competent and aesthetically complimentary to neighbouring properties.

The relative difference in visual scale between the new built foot print and the larger ones in the same road we feel can be compensated both by the use of the same architectural style and the same width in respect to the proportional spaces either side of the new house as between the adjacent structures.

It follows that because this application does not in any way impede the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we have concluded that it should be allowed.

The Lodge, 16a Manor Road, East Cliff: – Ref.  No.  7-2023-374-T

This is an application to build new extensions at ground and first floor level of the rear elevation of a rectangular two storey structure originally built as a hotel annexe .The new scheme would create a family house and gives a better symmetrical appearance to this side of the property.  Two, two storey wings with hipped roofs would be constructed at either extremity of the rear façade with a new balcony at first floor level between. Fenestration would be in the form of regularly positioned, triple cottage style windows.

The Society finds the new design an enhancement to the area and a welcome contrast to the modernist hospitality structures on the East Cliff.  And so on account of the fact that the Society finds that this application is no hinderance to the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan; we think it should be allowed.

110 Horsham Avenue, Kinson: –   Ref. No.    7-2023-28791-A

This is an application to extend an existing bungalow and to construct a new, detached, two bedroom bungalow on a severed site to the rear of 110 Horsham Avenue

The extension to the existing building would entail the construction of a new wall with a large window on the north elevation to contain the enlarged living space.  The new structure at the rear would have a modernist design; there would be a large gable on the north elevation in which would be positioned a large window ( French  window ) in two stages  across all of the lower wall and up to the top of the gable. There would be several entrances and irregular fenestration around the whole structure.

The Society does not find this design  a suitable solution for this site; we think the appearance of the new structures would not compliment the general appearance of the neighbourhood in any way and in comparison with the absence of extra buildings at the rear of adjacent developed sites, the new bungalow would amount to excessive over development.  We see here yet another example of a crass scheme, only for financial gain.

Under the circumstances, because this application in no way satisfies the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society has decided that it should be refused.

Cliff House Hotel, Belle Vue Road, Southbourne: – Ref. No.   7-2023-10331-J

This is an application to convert the existing Cliff House Hotel at Southbourne into apartments. This hotel is a well known and well established centre of hospitality, built in elaborate Arts and Crafts style during the late Nineteenth Century and set in spacious grounds near the Southbourne Overcliff. Although there would be considerable, internal planning changes, externally, the main alteration would be a general standardisation of window and door shapes. Although earlier applications for this changeover have been refused, it is felt that since future profits for the hotel could still be limited, residential use might be the only alternative.

The Society feel strongly however that since closure of the hotel would leave a considerable hole in the activities of the local community, a final sustained effort should be made by all parties to try and save this hotel  from closure.

Consequently since what is proposed by this application may not be according to the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we are very much in favour of a deferment to enable further discussion to take place.

Majorca Mansions, Crescent Road: – Ref.  No.  7-2023-28692-B

This is an application to add a penthouse floor to a low level existing quite plain building of two storeys which is situated between a large 4/5 story Victorian mansion block and a mid-twentieth century  detached, two storey house.  The facades of the new penthouse storey, which would be built in the form of a modern Mansard roof, would be in the form of glass panels

The Society is of the opinion that although Majorca Mansions is quite a modern building within an area of a considerable number of more traditional structures, the addition of a more comprehensive roof structure to this flat block makes it a more satisfying aesthetic foil in relation to neighbouring properties.

Therefore because this application attempts to satisfy the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we suggest it be allowed.

27-29 Meyrick Park Crescent: – Ref. No.  7-2023-3886-G

This is an application to heighten the existing first floor rear link between two existing former family houses which are now used together as a rest home. The site is within the Meyrick Park and Talbot Woods Conservation Area.  The application also contains a proposal to link the front facades of the two houses by a single storey link to be used as a reception/entrance.

One house is a well-designed example of the Arts and Crafts Style and is part of a wider piece of integrated urban development between Wimborne Road and Meyrick Park built in the early Twentieth Century.  The other property is a detached house built after 1945.

The new two storey rear link would include regularly positioned modern rectangular windows similar to the windows which are already present in the rear facades oi the two linked houses.  At the front the two conservatories that face each other from each of the elevations of the two houses would be replaced by a flat roofed link building with a central entrance and two lateral windows.

In view of the extremely pedestrian visual quality of the proposed additions, the Society agrees strongly with the Talbot  and Branksome Woods Residents Association  that if these planned changes were to take place it would be “totally inappropriate and harmful” to the general appearance of Meyrick Park Crescent.

We think that the present application if allowed would only further degrade the present appearance of the two houses and undo the existing  integrated urban context of the adjacent area – just in order to cram in as many old people’s flats as possible for financial gain.

Therefore the Society most earnestly requests that the Bournemouth Planning Department act in an appropriate manner in order to preserve the fine architectural/planning heritage of this part of Bournemouth.

Consequently, since this application in no way complies with the conservation policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society has decided that it should be refused.