38 Florence  Road, Boscombe.  Ref.  No.   7-2020-13999-O

This is an application to construct  a medium sized, three storey block of nine flats in similar historicist style to the late nineteenth century mansion block at present on the same site.

Such a design procedure has become generally more common where the original individual houses on the Boscombe Manor estate have been redeveloped in recent years.

The principal elevation embraces a gabled projection and a belvedere tower at each extremity with a deep hipped roof above and symmetrically positioned windows across the entire façade; the rear elevation is a simpler, more asymmetrical version of the front.  The longer side elevations  have less fenestration apart from a large, vertical  stair window; there are garage openings on the ground floor.

The Society is of the opinion that given the existing visual and social circumstances of this historic residential neighbourhood, what is proposed is relatively acceptable.  However we think that a better design and placement of the four central windows on the principal elevation is necessary.

And so because this proposal falls short of the standards expected of the  townscape policies expected of the Bournemouth Local Plan, we think it should be deferred for further discussion and improvement.

319 Belle Vue Road – near the Tuckton Roundabout . Ref.  No. 7-2020-725-L

This is an application to build a one and a half storey dwelling house on the site of an existing older property.   The structure would be constructed in a modernist idiom but with a traditional sloping roof.  The narrow street façade would have two pairs of balancing French Windows and an off centre positioned, large vertical window in the gable above.  The long side facades would be mainly wall with French window extensions at the extremities .

The Society feels that what  is proposed is by no means an exceptional design which clearly does not compliment the older adjacent properties that date from the early Twentieth Century in this part of Belle Vue Road.  Indeed we think the buildings on this side of the road still make up a townscape of considerable character and which any new development must always respect. Thus if a new building is to be built on this site, our suggestion is that a more traditional design would be the obvious solution.

Consequently, the Society concludes that since this proposal in no way accedes to the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused .

58 Harewood Avenue , Kings Park.  Ref.  No.7-2020-23260-C

This is a second application to construct two semi-detached bungalows, with a much more pronounced building line,  on the site of an existing mid twentieth century family residence. The narrower front and rear elevations encompass two sets of French Windows and two shallow bay windows with a hipped roof above. The longer side elevations contain a variety of  asymmetrically  positioned windows.

The Society feels that that the mass, form and style of the new building would be wholly inappropriate in relation to the Art Deco-Interwar Classicist style of the adjacent buildings.  In this respect we echo local opinion which feels that if this proposal were allowed, the integral character of the neighbourhood would be threatened with more bungalow developments likely.

Accordingly we have decided that since this project in no way complies with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be  refused.

11-21 Commercial  Road- extending through to Avenue Road .      Ref.  No.665-BO

This proposal is part of a future scheme to completely renovate the, at present, empty premises of the former Bealesons  Department Store between Commercial and Avenue Roads.  The present plans relate to the various retail, exhibition and hospitality uses to which the extensive flat roof would be put.  Eventually, the main building itself will be renovated and  will accommodate restaurants,  cafes, bars and non residential institutions and leisure facilities.  In addition, the Art Deco-International Moderne  front façade of the former store will also be restored.

The Society thoroughly supports the purpose and proposed design of this initiative; especially so since there is every likelihood that the THAT development group is in the process of purchasing the adjacent empty premises of Marks and Spencer in order to introduce additional retail and hospitality facilities.  We are certain that if these two major planning initiatives come about, the entire western section of the central commercial area of Bournemouth will be considerably enhanced.

Consequently, since the application relating to 11-21 Commercial Road complies fully with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, the Society recommends it be granted.

63 Heaton Road – off Columbia Road  Ref.  No.   22095-B

This is an application to construct two very small, one and a half storey,  dwelling houses on part of the garden of an existing property.  The houses would have gable projections to the front and French Windows to the rear – each with a hipped roof and dormers.

The Society observes that here is yet another attempt at over development by building accommodation in situations that were never designed for further development. There is barely room in this case for the wall dimensions with hardly any space left for car parking  or landscaping. In addition local opinion is against bungalows in a district consisting mainly of houses.

We have therefore concluded that since this application in no way satisfies the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.

309-311 Charminster Road   Ref.  No.  7-2020-7089-J

Rather like the preceeding application, this is a blatant  attempt to obtain permission to build a very small bungalow in the rear garden of two, early twentieth century, semi detached houses.  The new site in question is exceptionally small – indeed the built footprint of the proposed structure takes up almost the entire site.  The building is very plain with French Windows to the rear and a conventional, pitched roof.

Not surprisingly, the Society totally rejects this project and concurs with local opinion which fears a significant reduction of privacy and natural light if permission to build were given.   Again,  we  ask the Bournemouth Planning Department to make a policy ruling, forbidding the over development of existing sites in historical residential neighbourhoods.

Consequently we have decided that because this planning application in no way complies with the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused.